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"Yellow Vests": women in the box of the accused

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One morning in December 2018, 47-year-old Sylvie, a receptionist at the town hall who raised her three children alone, went to the Leroy Merlin closest to her home. To the first seller she saw, she said: "I'm a yellow card, I need something that works well. AT" The man immediately understood. And she left with goggles and three gas masks, normally intended to protect herself when one sprays paint. But also very effective against the clouds of tear gas. Two months later, she was arrested at her house in the early morning, implicated in the so-called "lift cart" case, after "yellow vests". have defeated the door of the ministry of Benjamin Griveaux, then spokesman of the government.

Stopped for burned radars

It is in December 2018 as well as one evening, at nightfall, Karine *, 35 years old, order picker in the logistics, divorced and mother of two children, has took her car to go, along with two other "yellow vests", to the closest radars to her home. "At first, it was just to pack them in cardboard. I had taken it to my job. AT" But they set the devices on fire. As soon as she sat down in the middle of the road to block the passage of a heavy weight, the police came to arrest her.

One evening in December 2018 again, Sonia *, 33, divorced and mother of two children, closed the door of her electronic cigarette shop, drove all night to Paris and live his first demonstration as a "yellow vest". "All the fears were open. The yellow "vests" greeted us, encouraged us, it was super moving. We had the impression that we were going up to do something big! AT" Four months later, she was finishing her handcuffed Saturday in a van, after being strongly opposed to the police officers who were calling her companion.

 € œBecause they would have found my DNA on the lift cart: I do not know when I touched it. I was there, that's right, but I only filmed. Sylvie, age 47, "yellow vest"

Sylvie, Karine and Sonia live hundreds of kilometers apart. One in the suburbs of Paris, the other in Burgundy, the third in a village near Toulouse. They do not know each other. But these last months will remain for all as a moment apart, "Engraved forever", slide Sylvie. The year in which they believed that revolution was possible, and where, donning a yellow vest, they gave everything away, leaving to go into the illegitimacy. "Up until now, the only outlaw thing I've done in my life was writing with a pen under the bus stop bench, in college. And again, it was with a pen that erases itself, " smiled Karine.