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"Yellow Vests": The Missed Meeting Republicans

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Artus de Lavillà © on for M The World Magazine

No red parka or yellow vest on these pictures. This Saturday, November 17, 2018, Laurent Wauquiez is wearing an unusual black jacket, a color that today summons a preternal shadow on his destiny. He is then this big raven silhouette in the middle of the fluorescent chasubles gathered in front of the town hall of Puy-en-Velay, of which he was long the mayor. He moves from one group to the other, multiplies the gestures of support, pressure on the arm, tapping on the shoulder, frowning, air penetrated.

"I'm here to support them and I'm here for them to be heard, he explains to the camera of France 3 Auvergne-RhÃ'ne-Alpes. What hurts me is that in our country, today, to be saved, you have to do that. (Â € |) Normally, the government should hear them. AT" The tone is understandable, responsible, solemn, the Republican boss masks his jubilation behind a gravity of circumstance.

Atmosphere at the party

It is only in private that he lets himself smile: what a godsend this movement! Less than a year after his election at the head of the party, he thinks finally take the hand. Emmanuel Macron seemed indestructible, the right seemed still bruised by the defeat of Franois Fillon, and veil that the France of the territories, which he poses as ardent defender, is rebuffed! What's more on the topics of purchasing power and taxation, his fads. A blessing.

Does he hear those discreet grunts in the crowd? The one of this protester who, at the same microphone, pleads aloud: "It's not up to a politician to come. AT" Or the complaint of this woman who puts it in the same bag as the others, those women who do not keep their promises. Is he sure the game will not be as easy as he hopes?

In this autumn, at Les Rà © publicains, the atmosphere is at the party. Its leaders celebrate the angry Frenchmen who seem to want to make the ruling skin in place. On November 17th always, the deputy of Alpes-Maritimes Eric Ciotti puts on a yellow vest and takes the head of the cortege niçois fustigeant "A certain elite" who "Does not understand the people anymore because they have started to hate it". Words in the lineage of those of Laurent Wauquiez accusing Emmanuel Macron, a few months earlier in the Sunday newspaper, not to prove "A carnal love for France". The same day again, it is Guillaume Peltier, number 2 of the party, which is adorned with fluo to manifest "Against Macron taxes" and encourage "The immense sling of the territories". As for Wauquiez, surveying the roundabouts seems to have become his main occupation: in less than three weeks, he meets the demonstrators seventeen times.