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"Yellow Vests": Bordeaux the bourgeois pays her fractures

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In the history of Bordeaux, social movements very turbulent, it does not run the streets, so to speak. To Julia Badets, a “bobo” from the city center, this is how she qualifies herself, her father always said that in May ’68, while she was hiding in Paris, he was water skiing on the Arcachon basin. Julia is 41 years old, she is a press agent, a native of Bordeaux and a Parisian of adoption for a while before returning to her city. Which allows him to say that Bordeaux appeared to him in a totally unexpected light.

“I was really surprised by the violence on Saturdays” yellow vests “. They were real scenes of war. I did not dare lean in the window. They broke all the cash machines. There was no money left in the neighborhood. AT” What struck Julia most of all was the uncomfortable mines of the “yellow vests”: “They looked at me strangely. They sent me back a picture of bourgeâ € | I felt that they came to break the rich. AT”

A form of sideration

Borrowed systematically by the demonstrators, the course of Alsace-and-Lorraine, an important commercial artery, has been the theater of many clashes. There is the travel agency Promovacances, and its director, Laurent Menanteau, 48, arrived in Bordeaux at the age of 14 years. Every Saturday, he positioned himself in front of his door to dissuade “Those who wanted to break everything”. “I remember a protest in January. I was in my shop with customers and “yellow vests”, not thugs, but people like you and me, approached shouting: “It’s a travel agency ! It’s for the rich! Come on, we break everything! Â € I immediately went out and told them that to break everything, I’d have to go over it. AT”

"Yellow Vests": Bordeaux the bourgeois pays her fractures

Bordelais like Julia Badets and Laurent Menanteau, there are thousands, all still immersed in a form of sideration. But what could have happened to raise such a wave of violence here in Bordeaux? Bordeaux, the bourgeoise and her happy stroll, Bordeaux the most beautiful city in France, according to Stendhal, who had taste. Bordeaux, a city of dredon, with under its pen its privileged and warm and well warm.

There is one, in any case, who was tired of not being able to answer this question. It is Patrick Seguin, president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of Bordeaux. That is, he is both the institutional representative of the local companies and also the incarnated symbol of economic injustice and everything that moves the yellow jackets. From the inside. He wanted to understand why his city had become, in the space of two Saturdays, one of the most virulent strongholds in France. Because with “Bordeaux: capital of” yellow vests “, appellation controlled by the IFOP, the polling institute which has labeled the phenomenon in a study, we were in the unusual, the absurd, even the unnatural.


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