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Withdrawal of a journalist’s accreditation after a clash with Trump: CNN sues the White House
Trump and CNN journalist

CNN does not get along well any more with Donald Trump. The channel decided Tuesday to sue the administration of the president. for cause ? The withdrawal of the accreditation of one of his journalists, caused by a heated exchange with the president.

“CNN has sued the Trump administration in a federal court in Washington,” said one of the channel’s journalists. “She is asking for the reinstatement of the accreditation of her chief correspondent in the White House Jim Acosta,” she said. “We can not accept that the White House is throwing people out just because it does not like what they are covering,” said CNN lawyer Ted Boutrous. Before adding: “The White House has basically ignored our demands, we had no choice but to bring them to justice.” The reaction of the administration has not dragged on. “It’s still CNN’s demagoguery, and we’re going to defend ourselves vigorously,” said White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders in a statement, noting that CNN had a total of nearly 50 accreditations.

Withdrawal of Acosta’s accreditation

CNN, whose confrontational relationship with Donald Trump has been a constant since the billionaire’s arrival at the White House, has assured that he has done everything to avoid going to court, interceding since Friday with the Trump administration to reinstate the removed credential. The White House announced the withdrawal of Acosta’s accreditation – an unprecedented sanction – after a particularly heated exchange last Wednesday between the journalist and the president, during a press conference at the White House.

In his questions, Jim Acosta criticized, among other things, the way in which Donald Trump had presented the “caravan” of several thousand Central American migrants marching towards the US-Mexican border as a threat during the campaign for the American legislative elections on 6 November. . “You are very rude and a horrible person!”, Donald Trump retorted, in response to the journalist’s refusal to return the microphone, after asking several questions.


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