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"We now have entered the age of id liberalism"

Tribune. Two camps conflict at present on the theme of discrimination: some denounce the persistence of abuses inside the Western world, typically going as far as to level the finger on the existence of a racist system; others, who declare to be republican, persist in contemplating that we should not "racialize social relations" and that there are common values.

The issue is, these Republicans should be feeling fairly lonely proper now. The groundswell of the Floyd affair, awakening a official anti-racism, just isn’t alone in query: it solely heightens the unbelievable strain towards the very thought of ​​particular person rights. The latter are the idea of the notion of benefit, however they’re accused of masking deeper deleterious phenomena.

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The primary of those pressures, the one most readily denounced, is exerted by tradition (music, cinema, and so forth.), whose tropism is blatant: the platforms are American, the power of the pictures is American. Nonetheless, this tradition is marked by the racial query. It’s from this tradition that slogans emanate that familiarize us with the concept group logic is decisive. In brief, the information forces the French individuals to open their eyes to racial realities, though the republican superego calls for that he stay "Shade blind".

Liberalism accommodates multicultural values

The second strain is extra discreet, however no much less efficient: it comes from the financial world whose nice ethics, along with ecology, relate to the well-known variety, whose logic competes with that of benefit. Make no mistake: corporations can’t be inherently ethical. In the event that they mimic the ideas of the second, it’s above all as a result of they should adapt to the context. We all know that liberalism accommodates multicultural and transnational values ​​very effectively.

The third is the political world, to start with in France, partly desirous to comply with the pattern of the time. It needs to be famous that the divide doesn’t divide the best and the left, however crosses every celebration, simply because it typically cuts throughout a generational hole, as evidenced by the current hitch between Marion Maréchal and Marine Le Pen.

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Then, on a continental scale. The European Union says it’s dedicated to the concept of ​​an axiologically impartial house, open to all variations. To be satisfied of this, one want solely learn Jurgen Habermas, a thinker celebrated as a thinker of European building. In Republican integration (1996), he calls on Europe to outline what might be a "New political consciousness", primarily based on the precept of "Non-imperial understanding with different cultures".

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