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"We must prepare the day after tomorrow": LRM MPs warm up for the 2022 campaign

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Prime Minister Edouard Philippe delivers a general policy statement to the National Assembly in Paris on 12 June. JEAN-CLAUDE COUTAUSSE FOR "THE WORLD"

After "Act II", 2022. Questioned on April 25th on the next presidential election, during the closing press conference of the Grand Debate, Emmanuel Macron had made a response while "at the same time". "I think that you have to have some vanishing points, when you are very particular, and therefore I assume to have an agenda that goes beyond the horizon of this mandate.", had first declared the President of the Republic. Before you say: "I do not care about the next election. AT" If he does not think about it every morning while shaving, his majority, it is already projected in the future electoral battle.

In his letter of candidacy to the presidency of the group La Rà © publique en marche (LRM) at the National Assembly, in July, the deputy of Gironde Florent Boudià © promised to «to accompany act II of the five-year [de] to succeed, when the time comes, the preparation of the presidential and legislative elections ".

Her colleague Perrine Goulet (Nièvre), a candidate in the same position in tandem with François Jolivet (Indre), was considering  € œTo raise people who can stayâ € after this five-year period. Neither of them finally won but Gilles Le Gendre (Paris), comforted at the head of the group, will drive a collective that is already looking to the future.

"You have to prepare the day after tomorrow," summarizes the president of the National Assembly's Economic Affairs Committee, Roland Lescure, who has set up a work program that will see the end of the five-year period and beyond.

 € œIâ € ™ ve in the head some ideas of reformâ €

Among the upcoming projects, cannabis. Â € œFor me itâ € ™ sa campaign campaign topic, believes the deputation of the French from abroad. Itâ € ™ sa societal subject that one will not escape, all countries ask themselves the question. AT"

The beginning of the summer has seen the multiplication of initiatives of deputies on this subject. A handle supported a tribune appeared in Lâ € ™ Obs in favor of its legalization. Others advance to no more measured. An information mission, solicited by the delegate of Creuse Jean-Baptiste Moreau, will be launched in the return on the different uses of cannabis.