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The unmissable news of the day: Commercial war, mystery in Malaysia and false document for "La Casa de Papel"
It’s August 6, 2019. Spain is torn around a cucumber. Fans of The OA

are desperate and a Girondin start-up wants to make a fortune
with our urine. The rest of the news is in our unmissable day.

1. Toni Morrison is deceased

The novelist Toni Morrison. – Bebeto Matthews / AP / SIPA

Eleven novels to his credit among which Beloved (Pulitzer Prize 1988), Home (2012) or issuances (2015) for a career rewarded by a Nobel Prize. Toni Morrison, who died in the night from Monday to Tuesday at the age of 88, is a monument of American literature.
His portrait is to discover here …

2. Emotion after the death of the Mayor of Signes

He had just opposed an illegal deposit of rubble. The mayor of Signes (Var), Jean-Mathieu Michel, was overthrown by a van on a private road in his commune on Monday. It was while leaving the scene that the vehicle violently struck Jean-Mathieu Michel, who did not survive. An investigation has been initiated to determine whether this is a voluntary act. Waiting,
tributes to the mayor have multiplied this Tuesday.

3. The explanation of the day: China and the United States back-to-back

The unmissable news of the day: Commercial war, mystery in Malaysia and false document for "La Casa de Papel"
A Wall Street trader on August 5, 2019, while the Dow Jones plunged 3%. – Richard Drew / AP / SIPA

Last week, Donald Trump threatened to impose additional tariffs on Chinese imports. In retaliation, China let its currency, the yuan, fall against the dollar. The American-Chinese opposition, which has lasted for more than a year, has reached a new level. Mary-Françoise Renard, economist specializing in China, associate professor at the University of Auvergne, helps us to see more clearly.

4. The video of the day: The mystery thickens around the missing Franco-Irish teenager

It has been three days since the authorities in Malaysia are looking for Nora, a Franco-Irish teenager who has disappeared from her hotel room at Dusun Resort, a tourist resort located about 70 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur. The police treat the case as a disappearance and not an abduction. The family, she, fears a criminal act …

5. The fake-off of the day: A false exchange around “La Casa de Papel”

The unmissable news of the day: Commercial war, mystery in Malaysia and false document for "La Casa de Papel"
No, Netflix did not promise a user that he could turn in “La Casa de Papel” in exchange for RT on Twitter. – Twitter screenshot and 20 Minutes editing

“We know it, you know it: it was well tried, but it’s a fake” … This is the answer that Netflix gave to a user who posted on his Twitter account a screenshot of a alleged exchange with the US platform. We saw him asking how many retweets he would need to play in season 4 of Casa de Papel. 500,000 was replying the fake Netflix.
He was not so far off the mark …

Well, that’s all for today. If the buzz is your passion, we leave you with one last recommendation: the second part of our audio series on animals in the city. On the program, the dream life of urban bees.


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