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United States: Arrest of a young man close to white supremacists who was planning attacks

A young man close to white supremalists was indicted in Las Vegas on Friday for detaining bomb-making equipment and planning attacks, including against a synagogue. announced the services of the city prosecutor.

FBI agents, the US Federal Police, recorded the conversations that Conor Climo, a 23-year-old security guard, was interviewing on the internet with a "Extremist organization of white supremalists" determined to commit "Violent and terrorist acts"said in a statement the Las Vegas Attorney's Office.

The online discussions included the production of explosives, attacks on a synagogue and the placing under surveillance of a bar frequented by the homosexual community, according to the indictment. Reviewed Friday by a Nevada federal court.

Plans of attacks

Conor Climo was arrested on Thursday and the investigators seized a notebook in which he drew plans for a potential bombing in the Las Vegas area, as well as a diagram of a bombshell. Delayed. "Violent threats motivated by hatred and aimed at intimidating our religious or LGBTQ communities have no place in this country."insisted prosecutor Nicholas Trutanich. If he is convicted, Conor Climo faces 10 years in prison and 250,000 dollars in fine.

According to the prosecutor's statement, members of the organization of extreme right with whom he communicated "Believe in the superiority of the white race" and call for attacks on the federal government, racial or religious minorities and the homosexual community.

This arrest comes after a series of deadly shootings that have plunged the United States into mourning.

The gunman who shot dead 22 people in a hypermarket in the Texas town of El Paso on Saturday said he wanted to attack  " Mexicans" and had published on the internet a racist pamphlet shortly before the tragedy.

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