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Trump’s wife, daughter and son-in-law control hire and fire in the White House

Members of President Donald Trump’s family – his wife Melania, his daughter Ivanka and his son-in-law Jared Kushner – have great influence over his decisions to appoint and dismiss White House staff, Newsweek reported.

Deputy national security adviser Mira Ricardel is leaving the White House, one day after first lady Melania Trump’s office issued an extraordinary statement calling for her dismissal.

Stephanie Grisham, a spokeswoman for Melania, wrote about Ricardel.”The First Lady’s office thinks she no longer deserves the honor of serving in the White House.

Trump’s wife, daughter and son-in-law control hire and fire in the White House
Melania-trump and Mira Ricardel

Ricardel and Melania

Ricardel had argued with Melania about her visit to Africa last month, her first trip abroad without Trump. The news reported that Ricardel was raising her voice over White House staff and National Security Adviser’s aides, criticizing other administration staff and spreading rumors about Defense Secretary James Matisse.

White House officials said Matisse and White House chief of staff John Kelly wanted to isolate her.

Melania is distrustful of Ricardel, and is narrowed by other officials and officials. Last October, Melania told ABC News that she did not trust some administration officials and told Trump that “some people are no longer working in the White House.”

Trump trusts in Germany

The magazine pointed out that the influence of Melania on her husband has been raised before. The New York Times quoted Thomas Trump’s friend, Thomas Barak, as saying, “He listens more attentively to her than anyone else, respects her opinion and advises her, not because he is his wife, but for her loyalty, confidence, intelligence and certainty.”

Trump also trusts Ivanka and Kouchner, who were appointed by senior White House officials despite their lack of experience in government work.

Ivanka and Kouchner support Nick Ayers, the chief of staff of Vice President Mike Pence’s office, to replace John Kelly, who Trump has been rumored to be considering isolating.

Staff opposition

The president’s aides told Trump on his return from Paris last Sunday that they did not agree to appoint Ayers to be in charge of the White House staff, saying that would prompt more staff to resign, which would hurt the morale of the administration.

Ivanka had previously clashed with John Kelly and was said to have been seeking for a while to replace him.

Trump’s daughter and her husband are not liked by many White House employees, but former Washington Post journalist Ronald Kessler said in his book “The White House of Trump” that Trump would not isolate any members of his family.