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Trump posts deal with Kim, who shoots two new "shots"
Report on projectiles fired by North Korea on August 10 in Seoul, South Korea. Lee Jin-man / AP

North Korea pulled Saturday, August 10, two new  " projectiles", probably ballistic missiles according to Senl, in full US-South Korean military maneuvers and at the same time that Donald Trump was once again showing his agreement with Kim Jong-un.

These  " projectiles" were launched Saturday at dawn from around Hamhung, in northeastern North Korea, and flew about 400 km before falling into the Sea of ​​Japan, said the South Korean state, according to which it is likely to be short-range ballistic missiles.

"The army is monitoring the situation in case other launches take place and stands ready"said the staff in a statement.

"Very positive" mail

This new series of shootings, the fifth in less than two weeks, took place just hours after US President Donald Trump claimed to have received a "A superb three-page letter" of the North Korean leader. As often when their relationships go through an air hole, it's about these letters that the President of the United States has relied on to show that all was well.

In this mail "Very positive" received on Thursday, Mr Kim explains the reasons for the previous short-range missile fire, publicly presented as a  " warning" against the annual military exercises led by the United States and South Korea.

These exercises were launched by Washington and Senegal on Monday for a little over two weeks, despite warnings from Pyongyang. North Korea regards them as a preparation for an eventual invasion of its territory, and as an obstacle to the announced resumption of talks with the United States on nuclear decommissioning.

Kim Jong Un "Was not happy about military maneuvers", reported Donald Trump, before aligning with the North Korean leader's position. "I have never loved them either. And do you know why ? I do not like paying. " for these exercises, he added.

The American president has already criticized these maneuvers in the past, which he considers too costly and "Very provocative" â € "taking over the North Korean rhetoric. He had canceled the drills of last summer and the magnitude of those of this year has been revised downward.

"Huge mistake"

By being in tune with the ruler of an enemy country, Donald Trump has tapped his South Korean allies, with this agonized warning about the current dispute between Korea and South Korea. South and Japan: "They have to reconcile because it puts us in a very delicate position.".

The Republican billionaire also said he thought, without further details, that he would meet Kim Jong-un for the fourth time, with whom he would exchange insults and atomic threats before their first historic summit. June 2018 in Singapore.

"Kim plays him masterfully", commented on Twitter Vipin Narang, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

In fact, Donald Trump repeatedly downplayed these missile attacks, believing that they were very  "common » and unrelated to the nuclear program. And his secretary of state Mike Pompeo assured that they were not hindering a resumption of negotiations.

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The presidential line of sight

The White House has made no comment after Saturday's new shootings. "We are in close consultations with our Japanese and South Korean allies", was content to declare a high-ranking US government official to AFP.

The Trump administration has tremendously relented on Pyongyang, presented as one of its major successes in foreign policy. To make a failure would be very bad at fifteen months of the presidency of 2020, at which the billionaire Republican will seek a second term.

Missile fire is nevertheless described as  " provocations" by a senior US diplomat, who is also unworthy of Kim Jong-un's broken promise about the relaunch of the talks, in the impasse since the summit's failure to Hanoi in February.

The North Korean leader had engaged at the end of June, during a meeting with Donald Trump in the demilitarized zone between the two Koreans, that these discussions resume in the "Two to three weeks" following. "These provocations, combined with the failure to respect their commitment to resume the path of diplomacy", "Are an enormous mistake", recently estimated this senior official with some journalists who accompanied Mike Pompeo in Bangkok, including that of AFP. "They must stop the provocations" and  € œTo achieve a complete deconarizationâ €  »he hammered.

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However, in Thailand, where the head of the American diplomacy and his envoy for North Korea Stephen Biegun hoped to meet representatives of North Korea, they have made the policy of the empty chair. No date has been set for future discussions.

In this uncertain environment, US media reports that Stephen Biegun could leave his role as a negotiator to be appointed ambassador to Moscow – unconfirmed official source information.

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