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Trump, at the bedside of the wounded of the Dayton shooting, welcomed by protesters
Protesters protesting Donald Trump's arrival at Dayton on August 7, 2019. JOHN MINCHILLO / AP

Even at the darkest moment, he will not have known how to gather his fellow citizens. It's through protests that US President, Donald Trump, was welcomed on Wednesday August 7 in Dayton, the Ohio city where nine people were killed. At the gun in the night from Saturday to Sunday. He then goes to El Paso, Texas, where 22 people were shot Sunday by a white supremacist and where his coming causes such skepticism, even hostility.

Arrived at the end of the morning with his wife, Melania, he immediately went to a hospital where some of the victims were treated. Hundreds of protesters were reunited not far from the establishment with the "Baby Trump" balloon, an inflatable character depicting a béa�rique with the effigy of prà © Used in many events around the world.

Rheumatics of the invasion

They waved signs urging the Republican billionaire to oppose the National Rifle Association (NRA), the powerful lobby blocking any attempt to control the gun market and to ban guns Dâ € ™ assault. Before leaving the White House, Trump asserted that there was little political appetite in Washington to ban this type of weapon, used in several of the bloodbaths that have marked the United States in recent months, including the killings of Dayton and El Paso.

The US president, however, said he was in favor of a legislative move to prevent people with psychiatric problems from owning a firearm. The former real estate mogul also reiterated that the recent killings had nothing to do with him and those who accused him of stirring up racial hatred in the United States. United States sought "Make a political profit".

Since two young shooters have, within thirteen hours, 31 victims across the country, his score seems difficult to play. Indeed, the Head of State is expected to calm tensions and strengthen a nation traumatized by these tragic episodes. But the conservative billionaire, who got himself read by treating Mexicans as rapists and regularly evokes an invasion of the United States by migrants from Central America, is pointed out by finger.

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Especially because the term of invasion, used by the extreme right around the world, was taken again by the young author of the slaughter of El Paso in a manifesto put on line before its passage At the act. The favorite of the Democratic primary Joe Biden will denounce in the afternoon the language  "toxic » of the President, whom he accuses of having stoked "The flames of the white supremacy", in a speech whose excerpts have already been made public.

 " Condola © ances"

In El Paso, at the call of the Border Network for Human Rights migrant organization, Rachel Curtis has planned to wave a banner hostile to the president near the border with Mexico. El Paso's mayor, Dee Margo, also said he did not really have a choice and said the host of his homework. President Kellyanne Conway's adviser said he was going to both cities for "To convey the condolences of a bruised and outraged nation", "Thank first aid for their heroism" and "Meet the victims".

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"It does what the presidents do" in case of tragedy: "Go to the field", she added, assuring that he was keeping "A low profile" to enable the country to "To heal his wounds". In Pittsburgh in October, a few days after the worst antisemitic attack of recent US history in a synagogue – 11 people have died – more than 1,500 people of all. and all denominations had called on the President to give up his incendiary rants during an unseen demonstration in such a tragic context. "Trump's lies kill! AT" ; "Words count! AT", had notably chanted the protesters.

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