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the setting in production is looming

Even if the builder postpones its return to profitability again, alarming investors, projects continue to swarm at You're here. The putting into production of the Model 3 has been a real nightmare and a source of strategic mistakes (too much automation of production, for example), but it is now with solid expertise that Tesla can consider launching its next models.

The Tesla Model Y, Electric compact SUV announced in March 2019, must begin to be delivered next year. It will benefit from a redesigned internal design that greatly reduces the amount of cables needed, for a better apprehended automation.

During the presentation of Tesla's second-quarter financial results, CEO Elon Musk reported that Model 3 production preparations had begun at his assembly plant in Fremont, California.

The similarity of the design with the Model 3 will not stop at the only aspect since the vehicle will also take up a good part of its platform and its cabin in order to reduce the costs of production.

The first copies must begin to be delivered to theautumn 2020, starting with the middle and high end series. The basic version, which will start at $ 39,000, is expected for its part in the spring of 2021.