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The Palace of Tokyo, HQ of the princes and princesses of the cities this summer

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"Transfigurations in ritual time" (2019) by Chelsea Culprit. AURÃ ‰ LINK MOLE

Michel Berger and the rap group 113, two styles, but a shared fascination for "Princes of the cities". Remember: "Shine like a shooting star / Itâ € ™ s the adventure that tempts them (Â € |) But nothing is really safe / And the fragile future / For the princes of cities, sang the first in 1983 when, at the turn of the 2000s, the trio of Vitry intoned "We are young and ambitious / Sometimes vicious / You have to tell yourself that / You can be the prince of the city, if you want. AT" The image inspired the joyfully inclusive name of the Palais de Tokyo summer exhibition: "Prince.sse.s of the cities".

The cities we are talking about here are five mega-cities in full ferment: LAGOS, MANILA, MEXICO, DACCA and TÃ ‰ HÃ ‰ RAN. Why they? "The idea was above all to shift the focus, to get out of the world of contemporary art to always turn to the same artists and the same artists. After that, the choice was made in a subjective way, it could have been just as well Cairo, for example ", the curators of the exhibition, Hugo Vitrani and Fabien Danesi.

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In terms of both the substance and the form of his prospection, the bitch knew above all what he did not want:  € œNot pinpoint an art scene, not an expo that speaks of each city, with geographic clusters. Neither an exhibition on a generation: there are very young artists galley and others who start to walk well ", Says Hugo Vitrani. At the heart of the project, no pre-determined direction, therefore, but the desire to capture "Singular or collective energies in each of these urban contexts". The exhibition therefore takes less of the pulse of these archi-cities than it adopts tempos: those of "Strong tempers", Dâ € ™Â " innovative" of "Creators of system D, that of the measure", whether they are visual artists, photographers, performers, filmmakers, musicians, fashion designers, tattoo artists … |

Games of scale, textures and rhythms

In search of those princes and princesses who draw their pedigree from bitumen or dense living, the role of Instagram has been  "à  © standard" in the markings, explains the duo. "Then on the spot, the idea was to search without rites of taste. Rather than go around the galleries, we let ourselves be guided through the network of artists and meetings, " says Hugo Vitrani. Fifty or so selected artists or collectives (about ten per city) are therefore necessarily heterogeneous.  € œThat can be disruptive, but they are all exceptions, artists that we can never lock into boxesâ €, says Fabien Danesi.