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The merger between Cheverny and Cour-Cheverny constantly aborted

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Since the beginning of memory, the villages of Cheverny and Cour-Cheverny (Loir-et-Cher) have been flying together on July 14, gathering in front of each monument to the dead, before to share the wine of honor. The two communes are intertwined. Historically, Cour-Cheverny, the peasant woman, has for a long time enveloped her domain in the Cheverny castle domain. "But this year, Cheverny's editions did not come to the chase. For a two-ball story, literally AT", the mayor of Cour-Cheverny, François Croissandeau.

The Cheverny elders (1,000 inhabitants) have indeed shunned the festivities after the municipal council of Cour-Cheverny (2,800 inhabitants) voted in June a 40% increase in the price of the canteen for 40 small Chevernois, from the back. Â € œThis is a real cost pricing because my fellow citizens have had enough to pay for others, defends Mr. Croissandeau. The Chevernois benefit from the school as from all our infrastructures but their town hall never pays anything. Even for the aerated center and the youth center, you do not get a penny. AT" The mayor buys: "For too long, we've said amen to everything. It's over. AT"

On the Cour-Cheverny town hall square, where a market is held every Friday, some Courchois describe Cheverny as a "cuckoo village", nestling in the others'. Atmosphere. This rancor is echoing the refusal of Cheverny's municipal council, in 2018, to join a merger project carried by Cour-Cheverny. A priori, a rapprochement was self-evident. The Chevernois shop in the shops of Courcheon, go to their post office, attend their sports clubs and Sunday mass. They shower with the same water, collected thanks to three boreholes distributed in Cour-Cheverny. The avenue of the castle connects the two boroughs without a demarcation line. The numerous cottages of Cour-Cheverny welcome the visitors of the castle, building of the XVIIe century and copy of Moulinsart, the port of attachment of Hergé Tintin.

The castle's owner, Charles-Antoine de Vibraye, is a municipal councilor in Cheverny. He voted no to the merger between the two municipalities in March 2018 before changing his mind. "I had voted after hearing a contribution that turned out afterwards very oriented," justifies the marquis, for whom maintain two governances for 3 800 inhabitants with intertwined lives does not make sense. "My estate is located in both towns. It's been 100 years since the castle opened to the public and we welcomed 400,000 visitors last year. If these villages merged, they would be stronger. AT"