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The grand parade of Pamela Anderson

  • Throughout the summer, honor the heroes of the moment. The actress reconverted in the defense of the animal cause juggles militant battles and stylistic engagements. 1991 is in the pocket

    What is a career? In 1988, Pamela Anderson, age 21, attends a Canadian football game in her home town of Vancouver. The camera lands on it and it's the sensation. The girl becomes older, model, playmate then actress. In this picture, she runs an episode of the sitcom "Daddy Tinker". Which only has an interest. That of allowing us to recall that the overalls were invented in 1844 by a Frenchman, the name Louis Lafont, for his father-in-law who was looking for a garment equipped with a pocket central in which he could slide his folding miter. Walt Disney Television / ABC / Getty Images

  • The grand parade of Pamela Anderson

    1997, the hat life

    Becoming a pop icon by playing C.J. Parker for five years in "Malibu Alert", Pamela has left the series. And now enjoys her free time to support her husband Tommy Lee, drummer of the band Mötley Crüe. That evening, she attends the American Music Awards, wearing a hat so bulky that we complain the viewer sitting behind her. Indeed, women, unlike men, have traditionally the right to keep their hat inside, and that in order to spare their hairstyle. Ron Wolfson / Getty Images

  • The grand parade of Pamela Anderson

    2004, outdoor nightgown

    After a crossing of the desert, the star makes its return. Once again on the cover of "Playboy", she skips the little roles at the cinema, publishes a book inspired by her story and shows up here in a top nightie allowing us to remember that the hippies were the first, in the 1960s, to wear outside, and by day, babydolls. Which was not the worst of the transgressions. Jim Spellman / WireImage / Getty Images

  • The grand parade of Pamela Anderson

    2015, media coverage

    Eleven years later, the cinematographic career of the bimbo is again at a standstill, but its militant commitments are more and more visible. Particularly involved in the fight for the defense of marine animal species, she writes to Vladimir Putin to ask him to interject the "Winter Bay", a loaded freighter. to transport 1,700 tons of whale meat from Iceland to Japan. So, let's take advantage of it: if anyone knows who to talk to to intercept this brown thing that serves as a survival blanket, we are the takers of the info. GVK / Bauer-Griffin / Getty Images

  • The grand parade of Pamela Anderson

    2019, fine fly

    Vigan engaged, active support of Julian Assange, continuing a fight to ban the wagon racing in Canada, in the middle of a media break with the footballer Adil Rami, whom she accuses of having led a double life with the mother of her childrenâ € | Pamela Anderson hiding behind her fly glasses, we only see her this summer. X17 / SIPA


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