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The grand parade of Greta Thunberg

  • This summer, our columnist Marc Beaugà © puts the heroes of the moment in the spotlight. After Megan Rapinoe, it is the turn of the young Swedish ecologist, who spoke at the National Assembly on July 23rd. August 2018, political storm

    Michael Campanella / Getty Images

  • The grand parade of Greta Thunberg

    February 2019, cover of thunder

    A TED Talk, a speech at COP 24, and an intervention at the Forum de Davos. Having become a global icon for the fight against global warming, Greta Thunberg is a trend. Which is not obvious. Even if the handmade bobble cups with the extremely loose mesh will eventually come back into fashion. Sadly. Steffen Trumpf / DPA

  • The grand parade of Greta Thunberg

    March 7, 2019, snowball effect

    Greta Thunberg's voice is gaining momentum. From Sydney to Brussels to London or Paris, thousands of teenagers around the world are preparing to follow suit to take part in a world march for the climate that Sweden will open. In after-ski? Let's bet not. And let us note in passing that, before qualifying a model of shoes intended to walk in the snow, "after-ski" only designated the socializing moment following the day. e skiing, comparable to the 19th hole at golf or the third half to rugby. Michael Campanella / Getty Images

  • The grand parade of Greta Thunberg

    March 30, 2019, Silver thinning

    Another day, another atmosphere, other outfit. Greta Thunberg poses on the red carpet of the Goldene Kamera, the rewards of German television and cinema, where she is preparing to receive a special prize. And, for the occasion, she made a real stylistic effort. We note that the silver leather of his double buckle belt D (a type of belt very widespread in the United States) is perfectly matched to the silver leather of his sneakers. And we will even dare a prognosis: both are in vegetable leather. Christian Marquardt / Getty Imagess

  • The grand parade of Greta Thunberg

    April 2019, a shower of colors

    Greta Thunberg continues her world tour. That day, a few weeks before joining Paris to express herself at the National Assembly, she was in Rome to march against the reheating. And, incidentally, to defend a cause even more compromised than the environment: this horrible bay striped top inspired by Indian traditional dancers. Simona Granati / Corbis / Getty Images


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