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The grand parade of Celine Dion

  • Our columnist struck again: after the changing rooms of Corinne Deacon and Philippe Katerine, Marc Beaugà © scrutinizes that of the Canadian singer, whose next album, "Courage", is released in November. 1987, costume of time

    You have nostalgia for the 1980s? Do not move. Everything is there, on this girl, Canadian, singer, full of talents, hopes and ambitions. Celine Dion was 19 years old and, to be fashionable, she donned the full panoply of the era: stonewhashed jeans jacket, printed Spandex jeans, white western belt, frizzy hair s and eyes to khÃ'lâ € | Everything is there. Even the collar tips in metal, typical cowboy dress shirts. Ponopresse / Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

  • The grand parade of Celine Dion

    1995, second skin

    Celine Dion grew up. At 27, propelled by the success of the album "D'eux", the best-selling French album of all time, she has even become a star, a real, likely to go on stage. fully dressed in black leather without showing any sign of discomfort or perspiration, while we sweat, we, nothing to watch it. A star, we tell you. Rob Verhorst / Redferns / Getty Images

  • The grand parade of Celine Dion

    2006, Royal Palazzo

    Eleven years have passed and Celine Dion no longer even needs a last name. She is Celine, the icon, at the head of the charts in all countries and on stage in Las Vegas every week. But do not count on her to let go. The wide, high-waisted pants that she wears here, for example, is a palazzo, the trousers that the elegant women of the 1930s put on when they did not want to put on skirts. To enter some restaurants refusing women in pants, they just had to shake their legs to give the impression of wearing a skirt.

  • The grand parade of Celine Dion

    2014, powder in the eyes

    There are fewer discs in this line, but at this point who is still interested in that? René, her historical impresario, become her husband, is suffering from cancer and Céline spends her days at her bedside. Before, in the evening, to resume the thread of his life as a star. And of age. Or, more explicitly, luxury coat rack. In fact, it is written that this powder dress, draped close to that of the creations of Madame Grès, will go around the people pages, and will give rise to some additional sales. Because that's how the fashion works now. Chris Weeks / WireImage / Getty Images

  • The grand parade of Celine Dion

    2019, winning combination

    In November, Celine Dion will release a new album, called "Courage". In fact, it is necessary to observe the transformation of the Canadian, about to pass from the status of singer gently cheesy to that of fashion icon, buried under the gifts of the marks, the desires of stylists, the yellow jumpsuits in technical matters, overly complicated blazers and astronauts' boots at three thousand euros … Courage. Especially to you, Celine. Marc Piasecki / GC Images / Getty Images


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