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The Christian Churches of Hong Kong, very involved in the rebellion

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Among the surprises of the protest movement in Hong Kong, the eruption of the singing of Mass Sing Allealia to the Lord from the first "barricades" at first made smile. Nevertheless, it reveals how the Christian Churches, and especially the Catholic ones, have found themselves involved in the political crisis triggered by the fierce opposition of the population to a project extradition law to China.

"Most people who sing it do not really pay attention to words. They like the melody, minimizes the young pastor Wong, in clerical attire, with a hat and cross, as he passes through the effervescent crowd of young people gathered in front of Parliament, on 1st July in the evening, a few hours before protesters force the entrance. "There is a lot of tension. I encourage them to keep hope. Sing soothes, he said.

Unlike popular China, where religious practice is tightly controlled by the Communist Party, it is in Hong Kong a "fundamental right" guaranteed by the territory's constitution. Just over 5% of the population is Catholic (400,000 out of 7.4 million inhabitants), and about as Protestant – for more than four times as many Buddhists and Taoists (2 million) .

"Moral support"

Throughout the protest, prayer stand stands and country chapels appeared near hot spots. The Hong Kong Auxiliary Bishop, 60-year-old Joseph Ha, has also actively participated in the eve- nal prayer vigils against the LegCo, the Hong Kong Parliament. Number of t-shirts bear "brand"  "Jesus », in big letters.

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A few hours before the July 28 demonstration in Yuen Long against the triad's attack a week earlier in the neighborhood's metro station, pro-democracy spokesman Ray Chan tweeted: "Friends, be smart. Escape before the cops lose their heads. I will be there to preach the Gospel. AT"

During the clashes of the past few weeks, groups of young believers found themselves with their eyes closed and their hands clasped, face to face with a wall of policemen dressed in antiplot. "Tell your Jesus to come down to see us! AT", had also launched a police officer on June 12 to a protester. The comment was polemical. A complaint was filed, finally dismissed at the end of June. Since the incident, humorous signs warn police officers: "If you take out the sticks again, we'll start singing Allà © luia again! AT"