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The appointment of the new governor deemed "unconstitutional", Puerto Rico sinks deeper into the political crisis
The appointment of Pedro Pierluisi as governor of Puerto Rico was declared invalid on Wednesday, August 7, by the Supreme Court of the United States. ERIC ROJAS / AFP

After barely five days as governor of Puerto Rico, Pedro Pierluisi had to leave his post at the head of US territory on Wednesday August 7th. The Supreme Court of the Island has invalidated the appointment, last week, of Mr. Pierluisi, the recant AT" Â unconstitutional ".

The American territory is thus sinking even further into the political crisis provoked at the end of July by the dismissal of its former governor, Ricardo Rossello, pushed out by huge demonstrations. These took place after the escape in mid-July, conversations of senior local officials, including the governor, including including homophobic and misogynistic messages. In the face of accusations of corruption and disbursement, thousands of Puerto Ricans took to the streets, supported by many local artists.

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"Puerto Rico needs perspective and stability"

Pedro Pierluisi was named last minute by Mr. Rossello to succeed him until the holding of local elections in November 2020 and he took office on Friday 2 August. t.

The House of Representatives of Puerto Rico had approved his appointment in time before the weekend, but the Senate could not do the same, because he was not sitting at that time. Mr. Rossello had circumvented the need for this approval by the Senate based on a recent amendment to a 1952 law. At its session this week, the Senate had chose to let the Supreme Court make a decision as to the legality of Mr. Pierluisi's mandate.

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The appointment of the new governor deemed "unconstitutional", Puerto Rico sinks deeper into the political crisis
Wanda Vazquez will serve as governor of Puerto Rico. GABRIELLA N. BAEZ / REUTERS

After being overturned by the Supreme Court, Puerto Rico Justice Secretary Wanda Vazquez – who initially had the post office stranded – will have to take over the mandate. of governor. She confirmed shortly after the Supreme Court decision that she would comply with the law. "Puerto Rico needs perspective and stability. Our actions are directed towards this goal and it will always be the priority ", wrote Mme Vazquez in a communique.

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