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Thanks to libra, Switzerland dreams of "cryptonation"

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It is in Geneva, in this corner building, that Libra Networks SARL is domiciled. Web screen capture

From the outside, the 13th quay of the island looks like a coworking space like the others Рmaybe a bit more chic than average, but, after all, we are in Gen̬ Ve. The corner building, framed by the waters of the Rhine, is home to 2,000 square meters of office space, renovated at great expense two years ago by the Spaces group. , specialized in renting workspaces.

On the ground floor, designer armchairs, plants, individuals concentrated on their laptops. A priori, nothing to report. However, it is at this address that Libra Networks SARL, which is a modest subsidiary of the Facebook group, is domiciled. In reality, itâ € ™ s much more than that: probably the most important project of the company to date.

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Announced with a crash in June, the launch, in the first half of 2020, of the cryptocurrency libra â € "a name chosen in reference to the Roman book â €" in a dozen countries has provoked a small © ism. Instead of a hypercentralised project, which would have been entirely managed internally, Facebook surprised by the creation of a consortium, the association Libra , In Geneva.

Firm commitments

Facebook in Geneva! Even in his wildest dreams of 'cryptonation', Ueli Maurer, the current president of the Confederation, would not have dared to believe it. He who, at the beginning of the year, was calling for swift regulation of Swiss laws in favor of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies before an audience of start-up companies in Canton Zug. , the Swiss "Crypto Valley".

Since the lifting of bank secrecy on 1st January 2018, it is undoubtedly the best news for the financial industry of the country. "Why did not they settle elsewhere? asks Jean-Marc Seigneur, director of blockchain continuing education at the University of Geneva, who will lead, in early 2020, a module on the blockchain libra. One of the reasons for the establishment of the association in Switzerland is that the libra is mainly aimed at those in English called "unbanked", that is to say people who do not have access to the banking system in developing countries. In Geneva, however, many international organizations and NGOs are working on these issues. There is an ecosystem. AT"