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Tesla Pickup: the revelation is near

We expected an announcement during the summer but it will probably wait a little longer before discovering the famous electric pickup that prepares You're here and for which his CEO Elon Musk has shown a certain enthusiasm several times.

The subject was very briefly mentioned at the end of the presentation of the Model Y in March 2019 and if priority is given to the latter, the pickup must also be unveiled this year.

A mysterious detail of the future Tesla pickup

The details are rare except that the vehicle should offer a futuristic design "at the Blade Runner"and it will be proposed in basic version to less than 50 000. In a new tweet, Elon Musk does not speak any more a summer presentation but an announcement within two or three months, the time to settle the last details .

The electric pickup would be revealed rather on the autumn. The segment is particularly important in the United States and would make these vehicles more vertieux from the point of view of the emissions of gaseous pollutants while taking advantage of the specificities of electric powertrains in terms of power and torque to tow heavy loads, like Ford's demonstration with a prototype F-150 electric pickup towing more than 450 tons over a few hundred meters.