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Television: the Premier League, competition without borders
In France, the Premier League, the prestigious championship of England, will be visible on both Canal + and RMC Sport for the next three seasons. JASON CAIRNDUFF / ACTION IMAGES VIA REUTERS


The program scheduled for Friday 9 August early in the evening between the Liverpool FC Reds and Norwich City promoted Canaries is nothing particularly prestigious. And yet, there will be tens of millions in front of a screen around the world to follow this match, synonymous with the kickoff of a new Premier League season. In Europe but also on the American continent, in Asia as in Oceania, the championship of England has become a major product of appeal, for which the operators are ready for almost all the financial madnesses. res.

Premier League days are staged over three days (Friday night, Saturday and Sunday or Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights)

The reasons for this planetary craze? The massive presence of the best players on the planet, clubs sometimes century-old with prestige firmly established, a tight competition with the physical intensity unique in the world, vibrant stages (filling rate around 90%) suitable for multiple camera placements. And, cherry on the pudding, technical quality of high-end retransmission: multiple slowed, varied angles, close-ups, statistics clearly exposed, the television show is total. Even when the match is objectively mediocre, what any spectator slumped on a winter Saturday in front of a Burnley-Watford, for example, was able to see once in his lifeâ € |

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Premier League days are staged over three days (Friday night, Saturday and Sunday or Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights). This allows broadcasters who have paid the rights of the competition a fortune to fill their grids with including a tunnel of three meetings live on Saturday and sometimes on Sunday from 13 hours. Not to mention multiple magazines covering the news of the Premier League. In France, for more than fifteen years, the only broadcaster of the most popular championship on the planet was the Canal + group. Before November 2015, a thunderclap sounded in the French audiovisual landscape with the surprise announcement of the loss of broadcasting rights of the Premier League by Canal + in favor of Altice (SFR Sport then RMC Sport).

Around 100 million euros

Since 2016, the Premier League was visible only on the RMC Sport channels. But from Friday, August 9th and for the next three seasons, the French televisers will have the choice: either stay on RMC Sport, or return to Canal + which, to the general surprise , obtained, in November 2018, the rights of diffusion of the Premier League until 2022 before proposing to its rival to share the retransmissions, which makes it possible to lower an addition which one estimates to around 100 million euros for three seasons. An operation understandable in this period of financial turbulence.

Every weekend, RMC Sport has planned nearly twenty-five hours of broadcasting devoted to English football with magazines and special evenings at the key. For its return to the exciting world of the Premier League, Canal + is not left out with a new public broadcast ("King Of Ze Day") and quality consultants such as Robert Piraeus, former glory of Arsenal, Habib Beye or Olivier Dacourt. In addition to the opening match on Friday night, the program of the first weekend of Premier League on the antennas of Canal + and RMC Sport is heartening. Saturday, August 10: West Ham-Manchester City (1:30 pm on Canal +), Crystal Palace-Everton (3:50 pm on Canal + Sport), Tottenham-Aston Villa (6:20 pm on Canal + Sport). Sunday 11 August: Newcastle-Arsenal (14:50 on Canal +), Manchester United-Chelsea (17:30 on Canal +). Not to mention the early evening magazines.

Liverpool-Norwich City, 1re Premier League day live on Canal + Sport and RMC Sport. and

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