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Tariq Ramadan: Islamic Theologist facing rape charges granted conditional release
Tariq Ramadan

The French courts decided on Thursday to release Tariq Ramadan, after nine months of detention.

The appeals court in Paris, after a hearing in the presence of Tariq Ramadan and his lawyer, decided to release him for a bail of 300.000 euros.

The court also confiscated the passport of the Islamic theologist who holds Swiss nationality, prevented him from leaving the French territory, and prevented him from communicating with the women who accused him of rape and witnesses in the file, in order to complete all investigations into the charges against him.

In the first reaction, his daughter Maryam Ramadan expressed her joy and thanked God for the good news of her father’s release, which has a chronic illness that has affected his health a lot during his time in prison.

The French courts had refused three weeks ago to release Ramadan for the fourth time, after confessing to having sexual relations with two women accused of raping them, prompting his lawyer to appeal the verdict.

The judge said that the detention of Tariq Ramadan “is still necessary,” referring to “the risk of pressure on the victims,” ​​in addition to “the risk of the exercise of Ramadan these acts again,” denies accusations Emmanuel Masigny Ramadan’s lawyer, and considered it ridiculous and illogical. Ramadan lives in Paris suburb since he was arrested on February 2 at Paris airport after several charges, including rape and violence.

In October 2017, Henda Ayari, a 41-year-old feminist and secularist activist accused the Professor of sexual assault in Paris in 2012. Another accusation followed suit in the same month from an unknown 40-year-old with  alias ‘Christelle’ who claimed the Professor did the same in the south-eastern city of Lyon in 2009.

After months of denial, the Muslim scholar was forced to change his defense strategy and on October 22 confessed to having previous sexual relations with the two women, but said the relations were “consent” and rejected the charges of rape and violence.

Emmanuel Marsingy the lawyer of Tariq Ramadan confirmed that his client is innocent of all charges against him, considering that the file politicized and mocking by the parties hostile to Tariq Ramadan because of his ideas and his defense of Muslims in France.

The lawyer called for the release of Ramadan after his health deteriorated in prison because of his chronic disease.

Tariq Ramadan: Islamic Theologist facing rape charges granted conditional release
Tariq Ramadan sympathizers

In the past months, Paris has seen several demonstrations by supporters of Ramadan and sympathizers, demanding his release and desist from pursuing him for political reasons.