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The strangest habits of the most beautiful Hollywood artists?
Barbara Streisand (right), Britney Spears (center) and Jennifer Lopez (left)

Although the lifestyle of celebrities differs from other ordinary people, this does not mean that they are free from some strange habits as a result of anxiety and tension. Hollywood beauties have a share of those habits monitored by a report on the site, “APR” Russian and Hollywood magazine.

Hollywood stars

Spears and Wild .. Biting nails.

Global pop singer Britney Spears and actress Olivia Wilde share a habit of biting nails. They had already admitted to practicing this bad habit and had tried to get rid of it in vain.
Parker and Perry .. Biting the cheeks
Sarah Jessica Parker suffers from a habit of biting the cheeks. Although they cause a lot of pain and discomfort, they can not control themselves. The film actress Halle Berry constantly licks her lips, making them use some products like lip balm to prevent herself from practicing the habit.

The strangest habits of the most beautiful Hollywood artists?

Rihanna and Giner .. Internet addiction

The famous singer Rihanna is getting into social networking sites and can not imagine her life without Internet. By following their actions, psychologists have found that the pop singer is afraid of losing her popularity, which makes her always present on those sites.

Kylie Jenner also helped stop some sedatives. She has acknowledged on many occasions that networking is important to her.

Streisand and Kunis

Barbara Streisand suffers from binge eating and prefers to eat donuts and cereal without stopping, which sometimes leads to about 14 kg in a few weeks.

Mila Kunis admits that she keeps her beauty only when she is filming and then returns to her favorite fast food, like hamburgers and Chinese food.

Del Rey and Heigl .. Cigarette addiction

Katharine Heigl smokes cigarettes despite her multiple attempts to quit smoking. The same is true for singer Lana Del Rey, who can not start smoking without a cigarette and drinking a cup of coffee, but this habit did not affect her voice.

The strangest habits of the most beautiful Hollywood artists?

Simpson and Adele .. Nicotine Gum

Adele is known for chewing gum between her singing connections during concerts. Jessica Simpson is also considered a celebrity addicted to nicotine gum although she does not smoke.



Knightley and Mirren .. Cursing

Helen Mirren does not hide her emotions, and always reveals what she thinks even if it is negative. It is a habit of constantly cursing during the speech from the incomprehensible habits of actress Keira Knightley.

Lopez and Vergara .. Coffee addiction

Coffee addiction is one of the bad habits of Jennifer Lopez and Sophia Vergara, where these two stars can not start their day without a cup of coffee.

Beckham and Aguilera .. waste

Victoria Beckham and Christina Aguilera share a wasteful habit of spending too much money shopping. Beckham admitted that she spends about $ 150,000 a year buying only clothes, and does not hesitate to buy the same piece in different colors and sizes.

The strangest habits of the most beautiful Hollywood artists?
Actress Cameron Diaz

Diaz and Peri .. and mosquito cleanliness

Cameron Diaz is obsessed with cleanliness, particularly when she is in public places where she avoids touching the door handles with her hands and opening them with her elbow. Katy Perry has about 20 toothbrushes and she cleans her teeth six times a day.