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State Reform: History of a Mined Record

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By not giving up 50,000 positions in the state civil service, as announced by Gerald Darmanin in July, does the government signal the failure of the reform? of the state? "It will probably be around 15,000 deletions over the five-year period, including less than 2,000 next year, for the most part in Bercy", the Minister of Action and Public Accounts said in an interview with the regional press on 24 July. The goal of reducing the number of posts in the territorial public service is maintained at 70,000.

However, the Minister of Action and Public Accounts has never ceased repeating: the job cuts would be the result of the profound transformation of the functioning of the state. "We will not have fewer public officials than after making reforms. It's the consequence "he had explained in February.

That is to say that, in renouncing its goal of cutting official positions, the government is showing that it no longer believes in the reform of the state, there is only A step. That Christine Lavarde, Senator The Republicans (Hauts-de-Seine) and former member of the public action committee (CAP 22) â € "installed at the beginning of the quinquennium, this commission was charged e to propose reform tracks – crossed without barguigner. "I took this example of the decline of civil servants in my last question to the government, says Mme Lavarde. The answer was absolutely not up to par and did not bring down the decline of the officials. This is an admission of the failure of structural reforms. I have consulted all the sheets of the 48 priority actions of the government. There is never an impact in terms of public spending or staffing levels. Except in the DGFIP network [direction générale des finances publiques], I do not see anything that evolves significantly. AT"

"No progress"

The European Union seems to share the same skepticism. A recommendation of the European Council, dated June 5, is lending France: "It is not clear how, and in what delays, this reform program will contribute by concrete measures. (Â € |) With the very specific objective of reducing the ratio of expenditure to GDP from here to 2022. " In a working document, in February, the European Commission was even more serious. After one sec: "No progress", the European professor reproached the French student for not having planned in his budget "No significant expense savings or significant efficiency gains from Public Action 2022".