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soon access to streams Youtube and Netflix streaming on the console

The Model S and X have a large 17-inch center console display, while the Model 3 features a 15-inch screen for everything, including instruments.

Until now, it was not possible to use these screens for video consultation, its allowed use in this sense is the diffusion of the flow of the rear camera. However, on the occasion of the update of the onboard software to version 10, You're here should allow streaming of videos and feeds from online services like Youtube or Netflix.

Tesla Model S

Restrictions to avoid driver distraction, with or without Autopilot activated, will not be removed and access to the streams will only be possible when the vehicle is stopped, for example while charging.

soon access to streams Youtube and Netflix streaming on the console

Tesla Model 3

Elon Musk, boss of Tesla, already boasts the merits of a viewing experience of quality by taking advantage of the sound quality of the cabin and its comfortable seats.

The service will still require a WiFi access in order to preserve the on-board cellular connection of the vehicles. And precisely, it is question of deploying free WiFi terminals at the stations Supercharger.

We find in this future application the beginnings of the announced transformation of connected vehicles in mobile extension of the house, with its comfort and its customizations.


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