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Romania: a crime that changes the political game

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Viorica Dancila, the first social-democratic minister, decided to play the ladies of iron and dismissed the local and national police chiefs in one fell swoop. telephones that handle emergency calls, as well as the Ministers of the Interior and of Education. Jean-Francois Badias / AP

Analysis. There are murders that are news items, there are others that change the political situation of a country. The murder of young Alexandra, kidnapped, raped and killed in Romania on July 25, is one of them. Since then, thousands of Romanians gather every weekend in front of the Ministry of the Interior, a candle in hand. They protest against the incompetence of the authorities who have not been able to prevent this murder, and they demand the resignation of the government. "We have never had so many idiots in power, said Tudor Comsa, a protester from Bucharest. Nepotism, incompetence and corruption lead to crime. The government has to leave, it has nothing to do with Europe and with the life that we want to have in Romania. AT"

A little reminder of the facts. Wednesday, July 24, 9:30 am, in Dobrosloveni, village located in the south of Romania. Alexandra, 15, hitchhikes to the city of Caracal, located eight kilometers from her home. A trip she will not return. Gheorghe Dinca, a 65-year-old mechanic, offers to get in his car. A few minutes later, he stops his vehicle in a field, strikes the girl, ties her up and takes her home, where he rapes her several times. A few hours later, her parents filed a complaint to the police for missing minor. But the police do not react. On Thursday morning, July 25, Alexandra enjoys a moment of inattention of his executioner, retrieves his cell phone and calls the emergency number 112. Three times. She tells her story to the police, who do not seem in a hurry to act. AT" He's coming, he's coming, it screams before the communication stops.

While the policemen waited, Gheorghe Dinca was tearing Alexandra's body, boring her bones in acid and burning her flesh in order to erase the traces of her crime.

The local police decide to send a team, which locates the place described by the girl after having gone round and round for a whole day. And that's where the administrative madness comes in. Parked near the killer's house, the police are waiting for the order to intervene, but the green light from the leaders is only coming in. next morning. While the policemen waited, Gheorghe Dinca was tearing Alexandra's body apart, putting her bones in acid and burning her flesh to erase the traces of her crime. He knew how to do it because he had kidnapped another girl in April, seized her and raped her at home for three months before getting rid of her in the same way.