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Public authorities take the "administrative phobia" at the foot of the letter

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GÃ © rald Darmanin, Minister of Action and Public Accounts and former mayor of Tourcoing (North), often recalls that many of his former administrators do not even bother to open the administrative mail. The language of the state no longer speaks to everyone. "When you produce unreadable documents, you will generate anxiety that can trigger behavior that is not as straightforward as you might expect." . And that's perfectly normal … "notes Stéphan Giraud, Behavioral Science Project Leader in the Interdepartmental Directorate for Public Transformation (DITP).

Behavioral science, which looks at the way humans work, can help the administration speak clearly and make itself understood, the government says. Lâ € ™ issue? "That people suffer less in their relations with the administration, continues Mr. Giraud, and that they have more success in their endeavors. This is the social contract between public authorities and users! AT"

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 "Bravo! AT"

As a result of this work, a guide was released in April, "Overcoming administrative phobia through behavioral science". And the DITP is currently working to generalize the process. Some recommendations, however, relate to conventional editing techniques. "Writing simply helps to limit interpretation errors and save users time", for example, indicates the guide.

Others are more directly inspired by behavioral sciences. The social norm, for example, is decisive. The administration is therefore invited to use it: "Like most taxpayers, go to the telefax! Nine out of ten claimants say they are satisfied with this service. AT" Involve the recipient of the mail personally "Maximize the impact of the message". It is therefore recommended, for example, to"Use the name of the person, rather than a person â € œMrsâ € or â € œgentlemanâ € AT" or again"Add a dummy Post-it on the mails with the names and the names of the recipient in handwritten font".

"Unclear situations are uncomfortable. In order to nurture our motivation and clarify situations, we need to receive feedback on what we do. "still professes the guide. And, to do this, to "Negative messages and anxieties" it will be preferable "A positive and enthusiastic tone" For example : "Bravo, you just finished this third stage! AT" Better, finally, "Communicate at the right time". No need to send reminder SMS on December 24th at the end of the afternoonâ € |