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Orcs, trolls, elves and epic battles in the heart of Anjou

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Nearly 2 200 passionate role-playing fans met, from 10th to 14th July, in Saint-Georges-sur-Loire to participate in the Chronicles of Kandorya. LAURENT COMBET

Khool sweat drops under his black mask. This gladiator troll of Ludius Collacinus is crowned by Mistress Tibéria, a young woman who threatens her whip. It is 4 pm and the temperature still exceeds 35 degrees, but it does not muffle. In "real life", Josselin (39) is an illustrator graphic designer in Valencia. Tibà © ria (33 years old), she works in banking marketing and, in the hushed atmosphere of her office, she is called Maà © va. It's his first "life size" game. And she adores.

Kandorya, that's a little bit. A spatio-temporal rift in a tidy existence, a great break for adults rocked from a very young age into the fantastic world of Tolkien (The Lord of the Rings), games on tables, such as the cult Dungeons and Dragons, which are passionate today for the series Game Of Thrones. In the middle of the camps, on the plain burnt by the sun and the fighting, one can cross goblins, pointed noses and ears, orcs, worrying colossi with flat noses, elves endowed with Schools, marginal statesmen or improbable musketeers. In the "academies", we learn the techniques of combat, we practice stitches on pork rind, we learn to  " enrich" his character.

 € œHereâ € ™ s great, itâ € ™ s all that funnyâ € Shindra, dance teacher

The father of this adventure is called Laurent Jactat. Referee in chief on the day, he becomes the soiffard John Barryk at nightfall. He was introduced to role playing by his big brother when he was 11 years old (he is 48 today) and he has never jumped. To create Kandorya, in 2010, he was inspired by Conquest of Mythodea, a huge life-size game in Germany. The success was immediate, 1,200 participants from the first year, from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada as well.

They are nearly double this year. In Anjou, we do not do better. On the fifty hectares of meadows that adjoin the castle of Serrant, in Saint-Georges-sur-Loire, he found an ideal playground. The monument, surrounded by moats in water, dates from the Renaissance, not really fitting for a game supposed to take place in 1258. But the horizon is freed from any sign of modernity "And we are not fussed by planes". Cell phones are proscribed, cigarettes hidden in fake pipes.


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