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No need for painful finger pricking to measure the blood sugar of diabetics!

Monitoring blood glucose can be a real ordeal for those affected by diabetes. Fortunately, new connected objects like freestyle freedom, are appearing and making the lives of millions of people much more convenient

No need for painful finger pricking to measure the blood sugar of diabetics!In France, no less than 4 million people are affected by diabetes. You have probably already experienced in your entourage (or personally), the self-monitoring of blood glucose can be restrictive, since it goes through a daily prick fingertips …

Today, thanks to the remarkable technological advances in the field of health and connected objects, this control can now be achieved easily thanks to devices able to measure the glycemia without needles, and thus in a completely painless way.

This is particularly the case with the Freestyle Free Bite Glucometer, which makes it possible to monitor the glucose level very easily and without being uncomfortable. The system simply consists of a sensor and a reader.

The sensor, the size of a two-euro coin, is placed by the patient on the upper part of the back of his arm and, every minute, the element measures the glucose level thanks to a small inserted filament under the skin at the time of application. This sensor is only changed every two weeks, and it resists showers.

The reader allows the patient to know his glucose level, whenever he wants. It is enough for him to scan the “pastille”, and this, even over clothes! It is therefore possible to monitor his rate discreetly in all circumstances. On the reader, we find vital information such as the glucose level, the history of the last eight hours and also the trend of future checks. The device can hold this data for up to 90 days.

Some advantages

With these kinds of self-monitoring systems, the daily pain of fingertip sting disappears, and with the continuous recording of blood glucose, you can easily check glucose levels during physical activity or after the consumption of certain foods, in a discreet way moreover – in full meeting for example! Waterproof, the device can be kept on oneself during the sport, the bathing or in the shower, which makes one forget it quickly …

Finally, the data collected provide the doctor with precise information on the evolution of the diabetic glycemia, in particular according to his activities: sports, meals, sleep … and thus makes it possible to better adapt the treatment of diabetes.