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New features in Gboard rely on artificial intelligence
New features in Gboard rely on artificial intelligence

Google’s popular keyboard application, Google’s Gboard, is one of the most popular keyboard applications among Android and iPhone users, offering users many basic features like scrolling and sounding as well as great customization features, integrating Google’s search engine into the keyboard.

Google announced on Monday the latest update to the Gboard application, which has some new features that rely on artificial intelligence technics, the most important feature of motion GIFs and stickers and emoticons emoji based on your conversation.

She also confirmed that as of Wednesday all users of the Android operating system can enjoy this update, which will give them a quick experience in conducting conversations that include emoticons or posters quickly without the need to first look for symbols or posters that reflect what they write during the conversation.

When you type on a Gboard keyboard after installing the update, you’ll see a new GIF icon at the bottom of the AutoCorrect field, click on it, and you’ll see GIFs, stickers, and emoji about what you’ve typed, for example, if you type “Good morning!” You’ll see GIFs, posters, and icons. All associated with what I wrote.

New features in Gboard rely on artificial intelligence
New features in Gboard rely on artificial intelligence

Gboard application

The application allows users to create GIF animations in two modes, the first to create animations for 3 seconds, and the second mode to capture animation for a full minute. Once you have finished recording the animation you can share it with your friends directly and build it all up with the feature suggestions that support artificial intelligence.

Google has confirmed in the publication of the announcement of the new update that these suggestions are user-only and is conducted as soon as possible, where it is fully processed within the application on the user’s phone in order to maintain the privacy of the proposed posters.

She also stressed that this feature is available to users of the application on Android operating system worldwide from Wednesday, but it will initially support English only. Over time, Google will expand Gboard’s offerings to more languages, with more content to help users do more in the conversation.