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Municipal 2020: the PS freezes the investiture of the mayor of Saint-Nazaire

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The first disruption occurred at the end of 2017 in the wake of the Weinstein affair and the #metoo movement. One evening in November, four assistants and a municipal counselor from Saint-Nazaire (Loire-Atlantique), who are attending a National Women's Day seminar, discuss the issue of violence against women. . "One of us collapsed and confessed to being abused by a deputy", reports Laurianne Deniaud, ex-first assistant to the mayor of Saint-Nazaire, second city of the department (72,000 inhabitants).

These polls require a collective interview with PS Mayor of Saint-Nazaire, David Samzun. On April 27, 2018, they alert him of the situation. In addition to the testimony of their colleague, the assistants relay their concerns about other women, and describe a "Sexist climate" within the community.  € œItâ € ™ s hard to deal with a steady stream of gritty jokes or glances at collaborators, Annunciation Mme Deniaud, former president of the Young Socialists Movement. We are immediately returned to the image of feminist and pious. Personally, at this time, my defense has been to nickname a small group of writers. â € œthe ball clubâ € and to challenge them every time they crossed the white line. AT" On her side, Gaëlle Bénizé-Thual, former PS assistant to sports, discusses  € œSpring wordsâ €, "Burst SMS to get an appointment with female sex workers", "A heavy drag".

 € œThis is complicated to react to a continuous stream of gritty jokes or glances at collaboratorsâ €

When he is informed, Mr. Samzun informs his assistant of the facts that are alleged against him. It also requires the services of a lawyer "Invested in the defense of women's rights" for, he says, to study his modalities of intervention in this case, in the absence of a complaint lodged by the alleged victim. But a wall of misunderstanding very quickly separates the various protagonists of the file. Â € œWhile we had transmitted an alert with confidence, suddenly, we had the impression that we wanted to put it under coverâ €, M's pityme BÃ © © -Thual Niza. According to the elector, the mayor has, so to speak, swept the grievances out of hand: "It's like being a Gallic village, she breaks down. Basically, we must believe that this type of behavior exists everywhere, except in Saint-Nazaire! AT"