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MP LRM Mustapha Laabid convicted of breach of trust

Prosecuted for breach of trust, deputy Public Prosecutor (LRM) Mustapha Laabid was sentenced on Tuesday 6 August to six months of suspended sentence, three years of ineligibility. © and 10,000 euros fine by the Criminal Court of Rennes. The prosecution had required six months of suspended sentence and five years of ineligibility.

Ille-et-Vilaine, 50, was prosecuted for breach of trust over the loss of a professional integration association, Collectif Intermède, that he presided over until his election in 2017.

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He is suspected of having used for personal purposes funds of the association financed solely by public subsidies. The amount of the damage amounted to 21,545 euros, according to the court, which estimated that "These shifts appear as consistent".

"The Laabid deputy remains the Laabid deputy"

At the hearing in June, Mustapha Laabid acknowledged "Clumsy and rough" funds from the association that he presided over, while forgetting any desire for personal enrichment.

The judges however felt that Mr. Laabid could not rely on mere "Management errors", highlighting "The regularity of the deviations" with a "Fraudulent intent". The court added that the transfer of public funds continued while he was elected from the Republic, after his election in June 2017.

Mr. Laabid, who was not present at the judgment, announced, through his lawyer, William Pineau, that he was going to appeal judgment. "This decision by the effect of the call is going to be put on hold and will not be executable. As long as the court of appeal has not decided, the Laabid deputy remains the Laabid deputy, naturally. ", added Me Pineau.

"Our colleague having decided to appeal the decision, it is not enforceable and the presumption of innocence continues to apply until the end of the day. ™ at the final judgment of the court of appeal  »said, in a statement, the LRM group at the National Assembly.

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