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Members of Congress will soon vote to punish Saudi Arabia
Some members of Congress have confirmed that they want to send a strong message to Saudi Arabia

The Senate may vote within weeks on legislation to punish Saudi Arabia for the war in Yemen and the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, while a member of senators described Prince Mohammed Bin Salman as unstable and unreliable.

Members of the US Congress returned to office on Tuesday after a short break because of the midterm congressional elections held a week ago.

“Senators are looking for some ways to show Saudi Arabia their contempt for what happened with the journalist (Khashoggi), as well as their concerns about the way Yemen took,”

The council may vote before the end of the year on legislation that aims to stop all forms of support for Saudi Arabia in the war in Yemen, Besides it is also possible to vote on measures to prevent arms sales to Riyadh.

“It would be very difficult if an arms deal appeared to protect it from abolition, at least in the Senate,” he said.

Members of Congress will soon vote to punish Saudi Arabia
Lindsey Graham

“Unstable and unreliable”

Senior Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman was “unstable and unreliable” and was discussing with other members of the Senate sanctions against Saudi Arabia over the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Graham said he did not expect the situation to change as long as Mohammed bin Salman was in power, but pointed out that he and his colleagues who shared the same vision did not have a specific action plan yet.

Earlier, Republican Senator Rand Paul said that now is the time for the Republican and Democratic parties to stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia. “It is no secret that Saudi Arabia has a worrying record in the field of human rights,” he said.

Despite the staunch positions of prominent Republican legislators, Republicans voted on Tuesday to stop legislation on a committee that would end US support for the war in Yemen.

The Republicans retained control of the Senate in the midterm elections, but lost most of them to the House of Representatives for the Democrats, and the new Congress will begin in January.

The next speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, hinted that things could change when Democrats take control of the House of Representatives if not before.

“Congress needs to take real and immediate action to end this terrible humanitarian crisis (in Yemen),” Pelosi said in a statement.

“Despite the absence of a clear plan of action for these legislative moves against Saudi Arabia, there is a tendency from Democrats and prominent Republican figures to take action against Saudi Arabia that is much tougher than what the White House wants…