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Manure dumped in front of a prefecture and the permanence of an elected LRM in the South-West
City employees clean the sidewalk in front of the residence of the deputy Monique Iborra in Tournefeuille, near Toulouse, August 2, 2019. ERIC CABANIS / AFP

Anti-CETA farmers walled, Thursday 1st august in the evening, the permanency of LRM Corinne Vignon in Toulouse, before pouring manure in front of the permanence of another LRM delegate, Monique Iborra, in Tournefeuille then in front of the prefecture of Haute-Garonne.

Wishing to condemn the parliamentarians who voted in favor of the ratification of the Free Trade Agreement between Europe and Canada (CETA), the angry farmers planted around midnight a dozen blocks, condemning the gateway to the permanence of Corinne Vignon. The president of FDSEA 31, Christian Mazas has justified before the permanent walled a "Symbolic action" and without breakage. "We just came to tell her that if she is deaf to our calls, we do not see the interest in her continuing to be deputed."said the trade unionist to AFP.

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Action without breakage

Then, the farmers poured two tons of manure in front of the permanence in Tournefeuille (west of Toulouse) of the deputed Monique Iborra, this last one lambasted on his Twitter account an action  " irresponsible" and  " useless".

The old socialist also issued a press release to justify its vote in favor of CETA, a treaty which, according to "To make known and impose on our partners across the Atlantic our level of requirement in terms of climate, environment and health precaution".

For its part, Eurodized Majority Jeremy Decerle, former President of the Young Farmers, brought, on Friday, "His support to farmers who need answers and attention" after their new actions against LRM hotlines, even though it's "Condemns what degrades" and "Call for calm". There is a "Big difference between vandalism and then a few tons of manure, blocks that are just piled up in front of a permanence"he added. "I support farmers who need answers and attention," he added, judging  "normal » that farmers have  "Manifesta © s » and  € œthat we are asking for a number of answersâ €.

Aborted meeting

The Federation of Trade Unions of Farmers had invited on Monday the ten delegates of Haute-Garonne (in majority LRM) for a discussion about the controversial treaty, recently ratified at the National Assembly. "But no one has come, so it's our turn to go to them.", launched Mr. Mazas.

 € œThis delegate, like others, voted for Ceta, whereas a few months ago, at the time of the General States of the food, it is the same ones who voted for France to raise its level of production, and that French farmers have higher standards to meet than in other countries ", he complained.

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Unfair competition and health risk

CETA, which removes tariffs on 98% of products traded between the two zones, is strongly criticized in France by farmers and NGOs. They fear a disproportionate competition as well as a health risk for Europe, Canada does not have standards as strict as the Old Continent in particular with regard to meat.

"We also suspect that the cereals that will arrive in France are dried with glyphosate. And contrary to what is said, France does not have the means to control all goods entering its territory., said the president of the FDSEA 31. Â € œThe text must now be submitted to the Senate and it is hoped that he will return to the National Assembly for second readingâ €, added Mr. Mazas, calling the deputy members "Know well and really take the measure of their vote".

Targets of insults or violence at the height of the "yellow vests" crisis this winter, parliamentarians have been targeted again for several days, in particular LRM delegates who voted on the 23 July in favor of CETA ratification. Some fifteen permanences, including that of LRM General Delegate Stanislas Guerini in Paris, have been walled, tagged or vandalized, leading to a condemnation of the political class .

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