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“Macron resignation”: yellow vests call for an act 3 next Saturday in Paris
Yellow vests demonstration

A day after the national mobilization of November 24, a new call to demonstrate on December 1, launched on Facebook, has already received tens of thousands of responses.

It will be December 1st. The day after a second big day of mobilization, marked by violence in Paris, the yellow vests do not intend to stop in such a good way. Act 3 of the movement will take place at the same place as the previous one, on the Champs-Elysees, yet the Saturday theater of urban guerrilla scenes.

“On the way to Macron’s resignation”
This Sunday morning, the page of the event on Facebook, entitled “Act 3, Macron resigns!”, Already counted 15,000 people wishing to participate and 80,000 others who are “interested”.

In terms of their claims, the yellow vests list “more purchasing power” and “the cancellation of fuel taxes”. “Otherwise, on the way to Macron’s resignation,” they warn.

“It will be much more better to do it properly”

Obviously, the yellow vests wish that this new demonstration of force takes place in the calm, contrary to the two previous marches enamelled by the tragic accidents and the scuffles.

“Macron resignation”: yellow vests call for an act 3 next Saturday in Paris

“It will be necessary to do it properly.No breakage and 5 million French in the street”, ask the organizers.

To do this, they advance the idea of ​​setting up a service of order, “red vests” responsible for securing the event. “Do not put the population at bay, pay attention to our image,” warns the Facebook page.

Saturday’s protest resulted in 103 arrests and 101 police guards among the ranks of the yellow vests. 24 people were injured including 5 on the side of the police.