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Kashmir's autonomy revoked for "freeing terrorism", according to Modi

India has revived the autonomy of Kashmir to liberate  " terrorism" and  "stay paratisme © » This mostly Muslim Himalayan territory, located in the north of the country, said on Thursday August 8, the Hindu nationalist prime minister, Narendra Modi, during a speech broadcast on television in all the countries.

"My friends, I am convinced that we will be able to liberate Jammu and Kashmir from terrorism and separatism with this form of organization.", said the leader, referring to the transformation of the former Indian state endowed with a reinforced autonomy in "Territory of the Union" where it will directly exercise the federal authority of Dehli.

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This speech is the first public statement on the decision taken by the government on Monday to end the status of autonomy enjoyed until Kashmir. The territory is today cut off from the world, access to communications and social networks is blocked. Observers fear a major conflagration in this region marked by the armed struggle and the presence of radical Islamist groups.

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