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Italy adopts Salvini's antimigrant decree

It is an additional symbolic and political victory for Matteo Salvini on his alliance with the Italian government, the 5-star Movement (M5S). The senators of the party founded by Beppe Grillo have indeed folded the voting instructions and granted, Monday, August 5 at night, their confidence in the government, giving the force of law to the highly disputed new security decree worn by the minister of the interior of extreme right. There was, however, little risk that the ruling coalition would fall in the middle of August, despite the daily tensions of the last few weeks.

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With 160 votes for and only 57 against, the text was adopted by a large majority of present senators, helped by the abstention of Silvio Berlusconi's supporters and the formation of ™ Extremely Right Fratelli d 'Italia. The triumph is total for Matteo Salvini: already weakened, his allies of government are taxed of release. On the social networks, a few minutes after the vote of confidence, one of the most popular hashtags was very quickly  "Grillini [surnom des partisans de Beppe Grillo] without glory », launched at the addresses of the populist party elites.

A few minutes before the vote, however, some voices had been raised to ask the senators 5 stars not to give their blank-seing a text considered liberticide. The strongest was that of Gregorio De Falco, a former naval officer, who declared in the blockage of migrants' relief vessels a "Criminogenic rule" which will only have the effect of killing more people in the Mediterranean. This dissident voice of the M5S, inviting "Vote for once in conscience", will not have been heard. The leader of the Democratic Party, Nicola Zingaretti, for his part, taunted  " slaves" of the 5 Stars Movement.

Up to ten years in prison

On the bottom, this text, tailor-made by Matteo Salvini, still increases its powers in terms of migration. If the decree imposes new measures reinforcing the penalties for the acts of distrust towards the police forces, in the stadiums or during the demonstrations, it is well towards the migrants and those who come to them help that this text is directed. For example, while new rescue vessels have resumed sea-going in recent weeks to rescue migrants from drowning, the text gives the possibility of intercepting a lifeboat and inflicting on it until the end. To ten years in prison in case of resistance. A response to the affront suffered after the arrest of the captain of the Sea-Watch 3 Carola Rackete, in the month of June.

The repressive arsenal is also translated by record fines: according to this new decree, the humanitarian rescue organizations are now liable to 150,000 euros to 1 million euros in criminality and their boats may be placed under seal. After attending the vote of the senators, Matteo Salvini thanked the Italians and the Virgin Mary, praying that the forces of the order have now powers extended to "More Border Control and More Men to Stop the Mafiosos". However, there is little question of fighting the mafia in the decree.

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Don Luigi Ciotti, the president of Libera, one of Italy's leading anti-mafia associations, has also reported "An unworthy political choice", regretting that the "Degree of humanity" of Italy has gone so far. President Mattarella, who has one month to sign the decree, could accompany him with a letter, as he had done in October 2018 during the first official decree. security of Salvini. In this missive, the Head of State, guarantor of the Constitution, recalled the importance of Italy's compliance with its international commitments. Articles 1 and 2 of the new decree, prohibiting entry into Italian waters for rescue vessels, could, according to some lawyers on the peninsula, constitute a violation of the Constitution.

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