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Italy: a flip-flop in denials, the descent into hell of the 5-star movement

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Leader of the 5-star Movement, Luigi Di Maio, speaks with reporters in Rome on August 8th. Giuseppe Lami / AP

It was just over a year ago, so to speak a millennium, at the current pace of the upheavals of Italian politics. The 5-star Movement, the "non-party" which had just won the vote of a third of Italian voters in the legislative of March 4, 2018, crowning its meteoric rise. This was a new alliance with another atypical political party, the League of Matteo Salvini (17% of the votes in the same elections). A "contract" rather than a joint program, with two deputy prime ministers, Luigi Di Maio and Matteo Salvini, political leaders of the two formations making up the coalition, expressing themselves on a footing of Equality, and a prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, supporter of the M5S but neutral enough to be a referee. The "gialloverde" government â € "the yellow of the â € œ5 starsâ € (antisystem), the green of the league (extreme right) â €" was plebiscite by the opinion. The three characters of this atypical trinity enjoyed more than 60% of favorable opinions.

This situation did not deceive anyone: the League and the M5S, despite their convergences, are too contradictory in the aspirations that they carry and too competing not to enter, eventually, collide. Moreover, in Rome, we know from experience that triumvirats are not made to last. That of Matteo Salvini, Luigi Di Maio and Giuseppe Conte will not be an exception.

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After a year and two months of exercising power, what remains of this Baroque team? The most cunning of the three protagonists â € "Matteo Salviniâ €" is at the helm of his power. In comparison, his counterpart, Luigi Di Maio, now seems completely bloodless: between the legislative elections of 2018 and the European elections of May 26, his training has passed more than 32% of the vote at just 17%, while his "partner" was the opposite. Above all, it seemed from the outset unable to bring the contradiction to the League, while the imprints of the "5 Stars" against "the system" became meaningless As the M5S institutionalized.