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Israeli policemen hide a weapon from a Palestinian, without his knowledge, for a reality show

A Palestinian filed Wednesday, August 7, a complaint against the Israeli police for a case to say the least unusual: police have hidden at home, without his knowledge, an assault rifle during the shooting. € ™ a broadcast of reality.

The case dates back to last November, when the Israeli police stormed at 3:30 in the morning at Samer Suleiman's in East Jerusalem. They claim to have received orders to search everything, without specifying what they are looking for. Behind them, a TV crew is filming the scene. Mr. Suleiman questions the police on this presence, who answer him  € œthatâ € ™ s to avoid later claims about the damage caused by the searchâ €, he explains to the newspaper Haaretz, who revealed this story Tuesday. After about three hours of searching, and without questioning Mr. Suleiman, the police leave the scene with an official paper attesting that his house was in compliance, that is, unarmed.


Last month, the Israeli public channel Kan broadcasts the ninth episode of "Jerusalem District" ("The Jerusalem Brigade", in French). Terrorist police success following the operations of law enforcement in this busy city. We see two of the "heroes" of the series, Erez Hazan and Asaf Ovadia, to be delighted to have found an assault rifle in a Palestinian house, that neighbors will recognize as Mr. Suleiman's.

AT" In this type of operation, I like to stay away from and observe, Erez Hazan explains to the camera following the raid. Then I started talking to the suspect. He was relatively calm while we focused on the search of the apartment, but when we went out, his body language changed. Under the house, we saw a locked iron door. (â € |) We opened it and we saw something that looked like a warehouse. When we went deeper inside, it looked like a narrow tunnel, which had nothing to envy to those they found in Gaza. AT"

The images also show a certain sense of staging: Mr. Suleiman's cellar is inspected in the dark, with a flashlight â € "while there was a ceiling light to illuminate the room. The weapon itself, an assault rifle of the Israeli army, does not stand in the middle of the room: it was hidden in a hole of the Israeli army. This is one of the walls of this cellar, and it is one of the dogs that accompanied the search that reportedly reported it, according to Erez Hazan during the broadcast.

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The police apologize

"The police made a big mistake for Samer and his family."Arieh Avitan, a lawyer for the father of four in the Issawiya area, who is sometimes the theater of clashes between Palestinians and the Israeli police, said Arieh Avitan.

Since the revelations of Haaretz, the Israeli police have  "apologized © e » for the "Wrongs caused" in a statement in Arabic, and the public channel removed the episode from its website and YouTube channel. The company's production company, Koda Communications, indicates that in rare cases, including the intrusion at Mr. Suleiman is part, it uses images of â € " ™ illustration to protect the police working methods and those appearing on the screen.

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