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In Spain, Vox lowers its requirements to facilitate a right-wing government

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Vox campaign in April in Madrid. OSCAR DEL POZO / AFP

The comparison makes the Spanish left blush. While the Socialists and Podemos have failed to get Pedro Sanchez back to Spain's head of government, the agreements break down in the chain between the "three rights", â € " the conservatives of the Popular Party (PP), the liberal formation Ciudadanos (Cs) and the extreme right wing Vox – so that they govern locally.

After Andalusia, the Madrid City Hall and the Region of Murcia, Vox is preparing to support a coalition government between PP and Cs in the Madrid region. After more than 65 days of negotiations, the extreme right ended up giving up and down considerably its initial demands, judged unacceptable by the liberals.

In exchange for the support of his twelve regional delegates (out of 135), indispensable to complete the majority on the right, Vox has been content with an agreement of investiture of three pages signed only with the PP, being limited to fifteen measures, and articulated around three main axes: prosperity, family and immigration. On Tuesday, the regional parliament was able to set the date of the inauguration of the conservative Isabel Diaz Ayuso on August 14.

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Green light "verbal", "iron opposition"

On form, Vox has agreed not to return to the regional government, as he intended. His spokesman, Rocio Monasterio, has announced that she will lead a "Iron Opposition", immediately after having voted the investiture. While demanding that Ciudadanos sign the ratified nomination agreement with the PP and show it more  "respect », she ended up just a green light  « verbal The liberals refused to negotiate directly with Vox.

On the merits, Vox waives the repeal of the regional laws protecting the LGBTI collective. What cause the anger of the president of the ultra-Catholic association Hazte oïr, Ignasio Arsuaga, who reproached him on Twitter of "Do not resist pressures". It no longer refers to " repatriation Unaccompanied foreign minors (menas), required until then, nor to the "Removal of aid to illegal immigrants", nor the possibility of sending the bill of undocumented persons treated by the public health system to their countries of originâ € |


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