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In Russia, an explosion on a military base in the Far North makes two dead

"There is no radioactive contamination, levels are normal. AT" The Russian army wanted reassurance after the explosion of a missile launching base in Nionoska, in the region of Arkhangelsk, in the Russian Far North, which made two deaths and several wounded on August 8th.

The Russian Ministry of Defense explained in a statement that the accident occurred during the test of a "Liquid propellant rocket engine", adding that two "Specialists have died as a result of their injuries" and six were injured in this blast. The Nionoska military base is a base of missile tests of the Russian fleet opened in 1954, where ballistic missiles are tested.

Contrary to what the Ministry of Defense said, the town hall of Severodvinsk, a city located near the site, explained that  "the Severodvinsk sensors have recorded a sharp rise in radioactivity ". "This radioactivity is now back to normal", however, insisted the town hall.

"All the necessary actions have been taken"

"There is no radioactive contamination", for its part assured a spokesman of the governor of the region of Arkhangelsk. "On our side, all the necessary actions have been taken, the health system is ready to provide help to the wounded if they are declared AT"he added.

This week, the Russian army has already faced the fire of an ammunition dump in the region of Krasnoyarsk in Siberia, which caused awesome explosions sending miles to miles around, killing one person and injuring at least eight. Another ammunition deposition had exploded this week in the Krasnodar region.

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