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In Paris, Edouard Philippe tries to calm the game before the municipal elections

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Benjamin Griveaux at his first meeting for municipal elections, Paris, July 18. PHILIPPE LOPEZ / AFP

To all those who have been pressing him for months to be a candidate for the Paris City Hall, Edouard Philippe has long repeated: "I am in Matignon. The municipal, it's not my news. AT" For the past two weeks, however, the prime minister has had to plunge into the boiling cauldron of Parisian politics. Not as a candidate, but as a firefighter.

On Wednesday, July 31, he received long time Benjamin Griveaux, his former minister appointed by the RÃ © publique en marche (LRM) for the next municipal elections in the capital. An appointment that was not listed on the official agenda. The former spokesman for the government has made a return trip since his holidays in Burgundy.

"In particular, we discussed the relationship between Paris and the state, which has now been dismantled. says Benjamin Griveaux. We can not continue to say every morning, like Anne Hidalgo: â € œIt is the fault of the prefect, the minister, and so on.â € We must come out of this mortifying distrust. The next mayor will have to resume a normal relationship with the government. AT"

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For the past two weeks, Edouard Philippe had already had two of Benjamin Griveaux's unfortunate competitors in the nomination contest, Hugues Renson and CÉ © dric Villani, as indicated by The Chained Duck. The Prime Minister has seen the mathematician, elected from Essonne, on Wednesday, July 31, on the occasion of a visit to the Ulis (Essonne). A discreet meeting also took place in Matignon with Pierre-Yves Bournazel, a deputy of the right Macronist who wants to present himself without a party tag at the Paris City Hall.

"Tackling tensions, listening to each other"

Objective of Edouard Philippe: "Tackling tensions, listening to each other", entrusts one of his relatives. "As the leader of the majority, he has to talk to everyone and calm the game when it's needed.", adds another.

However, it is not saying that the tensions are strong. After months of increasingly intense domestic competition, the inauguration on July 10 by LRM management should have resulted in Emmanuel Macron's Parisian fans group behind Benjamin Griveaux. And that they put themselves in order of battle to bring down the socialist mayor, Anne Hidalgo, in March 2020.