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In Italy, after his coup, Salvini continues to go it alone
Matteo Salvini at a press conference in the Chamber of Deputies in Rome on 25 July. YARA NARDI / REUTERS

He arrived on Friday, August 9, in the late afternoon, to the applause of tourists gathered in front of his residence in La Maddalena, in southern Sardinia. The President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, has deserved to breathe a few days and isolate himself from the epic political crisis of the peninsula. But his surprise retirement also sent a message to Matteo Salvini, that of a passive resistance to the man responsible for the current chaos.

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By calling, the night before, the Italians to return to the polls, then, announcing, on Friday, the filing of a motion of censure against his own head of government, the minister of the Interior and Deputy Prime Minister opened a political sequence where forced march seems to be one of its engines. "Italy is a country that has to run.", he has also launched in a revealing formula on the Rai, questioned at the end of a new crowd by the sea, in Puglia this time.

If for several months the head of the League (extreme right) has undeniably become the strongman of the country, he assumes for forty-eight hours the posture of "Alone against all". With his insolent confidence in himself and the popular support he enjoys, Mr. Salvini intends to reinforce his stature as a providential man, capable of giving the Italians their pride. His determination gives him wings, at the risk of disappearing. Thursday night, the leader of extreme right asked the Italians "Full powers", a formula that can not be neutral in the peninsula, when one knows that Mussolini used the same one in November 1922, just before taking the head of the country.

A "government of the common good"

If nothing is fixed yet, a bizarre coalition of opponents of the interior minister seems to be emerging, bringing together members of the Democratic Party as well. (PD, left) only Radicals (RI, social-liberalism) and 5-star Movement (M5S, anti-system). For different reasons, everyone needs to push back Matteo Salvini today.

In the PD, Dario Franceschini, the former Minister of Culture of Matteo Renzi did not hide his wish to combine, temporarily at least, the M5S to move away the peril of the League alone in power. In Beppe Grillo's party, whose days are numbered, strange mechanisms of survival are being put in place, probably fueled by the unattractive prospect of disappearing from the political landscape. To counter Mr. Salvini, the Sicilian deputy Stanislao di Piazza has thus blown the idea of ​​a "government of the common good", which would integrate both M5S and DÃ © mocrates or relatives of Silvio Berlusconi and would vote a budget by the end of the year.

In the ranks of the Democratic Party, the head of the senators wishes that the motion of censorship against Mr. Salvini for the alleged Russian funding to the League be on the calendar before that which will be debated and that targets the president of the Italian council Giuseppe Conte (M5S).

The foil of the whole political class

If the Milanese has become in three days the foil of the entire political class, it is nonetheless the ranks of the 5-star movement that the attacks against him are the most virulent. "Salvini decided in a day to tear down the contract of government, the Italians did not deserve this betrayal"said justice minister Alfonso Bonafede, one of the faithful lieutenants of Luigi Di Maio, the leader of the M5S.

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The Minister of the Interior knows perfectly how to play the role of punching-ball which reinforces his stature with his supporters. In this sequence, despite the uncertainties of the calendar, Mr. Salvini takes pleasure in naming his opponents to better distinguish himself. Among his favorite targets, the former chairman of the board Matteo Renzi, who embodies in his opinion the bankruptcy of the pro-European left. Exit Nicola Zingaretti, the current secretary-general of the PD and governor of Lazio, whose charisma is lesser. By tapping on the former mayor of Florence, Matteo Salvini found himself the perfect enemy, a slave according to him of diktats from Brussels.

This Europe that it aims to transform has become a major obstacle for the leader of the League. "If you give us the strength, we will vote for a budget that will put the work of Italians at the center and lower taxes, and if that does not suit Europe we will do it anyway."he repeated on Friday night at his last rally.

In recent days the promises of the boss of the League have not yet reassured the financial markets, far from it is needed. The Milan Stock Exchange lost 2.48%, with big falls in bank securities and the spread â € " The 10-year gap in Italian and German interest rates took 30 points in the day, jumping to 241.

Monday should be a new day of political jousting and intrigue. The leaders of parliamentary groups will meet with Sen. Speaker Maria Elisabetta Casellati to agree on the date on which the motion of censure against the government will be discussed. At the same time, Matteo Salvini will continue his rider alone to the House of Deputies, surrounded by all the parliamentarians of the League, to refine his strategy.

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