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In India, Amit Shah, the unscrupulous right-hand man of Narendra Modi

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Indian Minister of the Interior Amit Shah arrives in Parliament in New Delhi on August 5th. Stringer. / REUTERS

As early as the morning of Monday, August 5, Indian television cameras followed the release of Amit Shah, the Minister of the Interior, who took the floor. the most daring and dangerous political coup of the second term, begun in May, by the prime minister, Narendra Modi: the renunciation of the autonomy of Indian Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir. A brown jacket on a white shirt, a gray beard collar and a smooth cranium, the stout and energetic five-year-old announced to the Rajya Sabha, the Upper House of Parliament, the plan of his party to repeal the Autonomy of the only Indian state inhabited by a majority of Muslims.

It justifies calling into question the preferential rights that its inhabitants could claim in terms of access to property, employment in the public service and scholarships. These have only done"Hinder development and promote corruption", he shouted. As for autonomy, it would be "The cause", according to him, "Terrorism and its 41,400 victims". An underestimated figure, according to human rights organizations, who believe that the majority of deaths are due to abuses by Indian law enforcement.

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Members of the opposition roared, drummed on the tables. Representatives of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP, nationalist), majority in both houses, applauded. Mr. Shah raised his voice. Is he describing the apocalypse? "Nothing will happen"he reassures. Kashmir Donkey will not turn into Kosovo AT".

This leading role is not a coincidence for a man considered essential in the ascension of the prime minister: his right hand man, Amit Shah is also the president of the BJP, who brought Narendra Modi to power in 2014, then in May 2019. Fifteen years younger than Mr. Modi, he has been the second since the first years of this one at the head of the State of Gujarat (west), where he held the role of Secretary of State from 2002 until 2014. He distinguished himself by his The unrest in the massacres of Muslims in 2002. It was stopped in 2010, but never condemned, following the multiplication, in the State, of murders of opponents made up in gestures of lé © defended by the police.