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In Angers, the way is free for the mayor Christophe Béchu

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Christophe Bechu in Angers on 3 March 2017. JEAN-SEBASTIEN EVRARD / AFP

He has a smile. Sitting on a terrace of the Jeanne-d'Arc alley, a bourgeois thoroughfare located in the axis of the city hall – an emblematic site of its first mandate â € ", Christophe BÃ © chu fell off the jacket and savored a glass of savannahs, a white chenin that flourishes on the slopes of the Loire. The holidays of the mayor of Angers are announced more than he feared initially: on July 16, the deputy of Maine-et-Loire Matthieu Orphelin (ex-La RÃ © public) on the move) has just announced that it will not be a candidate for the municipal elections of 2020. The left, relying on Nicolas Hulot's ex-right-hand man, is gathering strength in this city of 155,000 inhabitants. ; she will have to do without him.

The way is therefore clear for Christophe Bechu, who is in front of a very favorable political equation, eight months of municipal. The mayor of Angers, who has been working since the beginning of the five-year period to cultivate excellent relations with Emmanuel Macron and Edouard Philippe – formerly "Juppéboy" like him – has multiplied the pledges of macrompatibility: after leaving the ship The Republicans late 2017, repeated on all occasions that he wished "The success of the government and the president of the Republic", supported Nathalie Loiseau's Renaissance list in Europe, has just fired 72 mayors of medium-sized towns, from the ranks of the right and the center, who signed in June a platform of support for the ™ in The Sunday Journal.

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Friendly macronist

Mr. Büchu planned to meet these late August in Angers – they would now be a hundred within this "Republic of Mayors and local elders" Â € "to lay the foundations of an association and see what could happen to this friendly macronist. "We want to value and transmit what has worked in our cities, in our territories, what our citizens have adopted and who benefits to the greatest number. Not at one camp, but at all. Time is no longer for chapel wrangling or presidential curiosities. "he explained at the beginning of June World.

On several occasions, the mayor of Angers had to be content with a consolation prize, in February 2018, with his appointment at the head of the Infrastructure Finance Agency. of France (AFITF).


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