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Hunt in Canada: two bodies found, probably those of the fugitives

Canadian police said they found the bodies of two men in northern Manitoba on Wednesday, August 7, and said they  " confident" that it is good of two young fugitives sought for more than two weeks for a triple murder.

"Today, at around 10 am, the RCMP (federal police) found the bodies of two men." 8 km from the place where the two suspects' vehicles were found at the end of July, police spokeswoman Jane MacLatchy told reporters at a press conference.

"We are confident that these bodies are those of the two suspects wanted in connection with the homicides in British Columbia." last month, she continued. "An autopsy will be performed in Winnipeg to confirm their identities and determine the cause of death.", did she say.

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Three weeks of hunting with the man

The day before, the investigators had announced to have found in the area of ​​Gillam, spotted research for two weeks, "Several objects directly related" to the two teenagers, Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky. They also found a damaged boat on the banks of the Nelson River, a portion of which was ransacked by police divers on Sunday, with no results.

The discovery of the bodies of the two fugitives, if confirmed by the autopsy, will end a manhunt of nearly three weeks in all of Canada, which has ended. In the very inhospitable region of northern Manitoba, infested with wild animals and biting insects.

Friends of childhood

The two suspects culminated in the Gillam area, located more than 1,000 km north of Manitoba's capital, Winnipeg, at the end of a 3,000-kilometer car trip from British Columbia.

The two childhood friends are formally charged with the unpremeditated killing of a 64-year-old botanical teacher, Leonard Dyck, who taught in British Columbia. His body was found on July 19th.

They are also suspected of having killed a 23-year-old Australian, Lucas Fowler, and his American friend Chynna Deese, 24, also for an unknown reason. Their bodies were found on July 15 along a road in northern British Columbia.

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