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Huda Kattan: her incredible technique to achieve beautiful curls with a bottle of water
With Huda Kattan you can actually curl your hair with with a plastic bottle

Huda Kattan, the founder of the Huda Beauty brand with 29 million subscribers on Instagram, has just shared an unusual video, in which she explains how to make pretty loops without curling iron, just using a hair dryer. hair and a bottle of water.

Huda Kattan has decided more than one trick in her bag! The famous blogger and YouTubeuse American continues to talk about her with his new video published on November 4 on his Instagram account (Hudabeauty) and already seen more than 6 million times. And for good reason: armed with an empty plastic bottle and a hairdryer with a diffuser tip, it explains how to achieve rapido sublime loops, cheaply!

Bye bye curling iron!

Her trick? Cut (using a cutter) a rectangle along the plastic bottle, large enough to insert the nozzle of the hair dryer. Once her “device” is finished, she dries it with a cloth to remove any remaining water.

She then separates her hair into several parts and inserts a first strand in the opening of the bottle. Then, she introduces the nozzle of the hair dryer inside. As if by magic, the air will curl the hair to make pretty curls and the heat will fix them. The queen of beauty said: to make beautiful ripples took her only a minute! However, she recommends wearing gloves to avoid possible burns.