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How the Greens prepare the "Battle of Paris"

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David Belliard will be the candidate of Europe's Ecologie-Les Verts to run for the Mairie de la Capitale, in Paris, on June 1st, 2019. BRUNO LEVY

Yannick Jadot announced the color early June, in the euphoria of his surprise score at the European elections: in March 2020, the ecologists have the ambition to "Win Paris". They dream that the city where the World Climate Agreement was signed passes to the hands of a mayor.

Since then, the green activists of the capital are activating to meet the challenge. They refine their future lists, negotiate alliances, reflect on their program. Objective: to present a global offer in the fall. The subject will be featured on the summer days of Europe Ecology-The Greens (EELV), in Toulouse, from August 22nd to 24th.

The bet however is difficult for David Belliard, the Parisian elite chosen to lead the battle. To win Paris implies indeed a double success for the ecologists. First of all, the "plural left", of which they are a part, keeps the town hall that it has been running since 2001, which is not obvious given the appetites Macronists, and their excellent performances in Paris during the last elections. In Europe, the list backed by the Royal Canadian Legion (LRM) came to the fore with 32.9% of the vote, one of its best results nationally.

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"More be extra"

To conquer the City Hall, ecologists must then take the ascendancy within their own camp. So to arrive before their socialist allies. "The major achievements of the mandate that has come to an end, such as the bike plan or the recapture of river lanes, were carried out thanks to our group, Raise David Belliard. But we do not want to be goads or supplementers anymore. Paris must become a true city à © colo. AT"

In Europe, the list Jadot has clearly advanced in Paris that supported by the Socialist Party. For municipal futures, however, all polls at this stage give a bonus to the outgoing mayor, Anne Hidalgo. Its lists would get 20% to 25% of the votes, against 13% to 15% for those of EELV. "Exceeding Hidalgo has nothing obvious, concedes a figure of the Parisian schools. But it is not unthinkable if it makes a mistake during the campaign … and if we do not do it! AT"

Antoinette Guhl, who will be head of the list in the 20e borough, wants to be modest, too. "Can we reverse the balance of power with the PS? She asks. Our scores of the Europeans allow in any case to consider the victory of the ecology in several districts, to then succeed the third round ", that is to say the election of the mayor of Paris by the councilors appointed in each district.