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Hong Kong: hundreds of lawyers marched in support of protesters
Vetus de Noir, the lawyers have traveled from the Supreme Court to the Ministry of Justice. Kin Cheung / AP

A river of women in business suits and men in suits and ties flooded the streets of Hong Kong under a burning sun. After the officials, hundreds of quiet and peaceful lawyers demonstrated their support for the movement on Wednesday 7 August. Despite Pakistan's keen warnings, pro-democracy protesters still have the support of the Hong Kong people.

The day before, Pekin had sent his firmest warning to the demonstrators who had been defying the communist regime for two months. "Who plays with fire burns to death"Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Bureau spokesman Yang Guang said.

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"Selective" legal proceedings

Vetus de Noir, the lawyers have traveled from the Supreme Court to the Ministry of Justice. Itâ € ™ s the second step organized since the beginning of June by these professionals, who usually stay away from events. They said they support the demand for independent investigation into the application of the law by the pro-democracy protesters and also protest against the prosecutions of the prosecution, judged politically. ©'re motivated.

"I really do not like this government's maneuver to divide and sow fear."said lawyer Anita Yip, who believes that "The lawsuits are initiated in a selective manner." The population perceives a difference of treatment from the police according to whether it is exercised on demonstrators or on triad triad members, who assaulted them on July 21st. .

Hong Kong police arrested more than 500 protesters, charging dozens for involvement in riots, a leader who faces up to 10 years in prison. At the same time, only 19 men were arrested for the attack last month that left 45 injured; they were indicted for the less serious leader of unlawful gathering.

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